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Smart Home Automation Personalized To Fit You And Your Life Style

The unique beauty of a smart home system is that everyone gets exactly what they want. Every system celebrates the individuality of the user and is customized to deliver absolute satisfaction.

Our smart home automation system intuitively creates perfect moments by applying your preset multi-room audio and multi-room video preferences to an infinite selection of smart media devices. The award-winning and intuitive ELAN User Interface works the same way on your phone or tablet, remote or touch panel. Learn more about ELAN by watching the short video below.

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Create lighting scenes for specific needs.

Control lighting all rooms or specific rooms. Dim lights as needed or automate specific lighting protocols to deploy by app, motion detection, or voice command.


Stream form your favorite music provider, Change songs, hear your TV, adjust the volume, and select specific speakers and room as needed. Your audio choices are endless!

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HD Wall Mounted TV screens and streaming integration with voice command for home entertainment.


Keep guests, family members, happy. Adjust heating and cooling devices as needed for perfect temperature control in individual rooms and common areas.

Receive alerts if the temperature is too cold/hot. Control thermostats via smartphone app or computer from anywhere within the United States.

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Enhance aesthetics and complement your interior design

  • Maximize daylight to minimize electric light

  • Reduce glare to maintain a comfortable light level

  • Preserve view to create a better interior environment​

Smart Security... and More!

When used in Home Automation, Security adds Intelligence

Intrusion Alarms

Occupational Awareness

Environmental Sensing

Automated Sensing and Routines


Surveillance Cameras

Keep an eye on home and work by smart app. Live viewing and archival retrieval from cloud storage or recorder.

Hd Exterior And Interior Cameras For Any Situation

Night Vision. Facial Recognition. Motion Detection. Audio Recording. Cloud and Recorder Storage Available.

Networking, Teleconferencing, Cloud Storage And Wifi

Get all your networking, teleconferencing, and computer security needs in one place. Robust internet packages keep you connected, while public and private WiFi networks allow guests to use the connection without causing data deprioritization or security issues.

Simple to complex networks start here. Contact our networking specialists for all your computer and data needs.

Check the availability of our fast and affordable fiber internet here.

Work And Surf Safely

Internet Service Provider

Public/Private WiFi Networks



Cloud Storage


Your Bend and Central Oregon
Home Automation Specialists
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