Safe, Sound, and Savings

We understand the challenges of today's homeowners. From competing mortgage rates to bidding wars on dream homes, the responsibility of home ownership can weigh heavily.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) annual report on insurance trends, Oregon saw a 33% increase in mortgage insurance rates between 2007 and 2016.

These higher insurance costs impact everyone, from home owners, second home owners, and renters, who may pay higher rent to make up for increased insurance rates.

Many try to mitigate these costs by accepting more liability through higher deductibles. Unfortunately,  we've found that when an incident occurs, the out-of-pocket costs are borne by you, the consumer.


Fortunately, A & E Security and Electronic Solutions can help you defend against these costs.


  • Invest in a Security System.

    Having an alarm can deter burglars and may lower your insurance cost.

  • Upgrade your old or inoperable Security System.

    Depending on the equipment you already have, and if you purchased it from A & E Security, you may be eligible for our Buy Back, Buy Up program, enabling you to get the newest equipment for HALF PRICE. You can ensure your newer alarm texts you when folks simply enter and exit your home.

  • Use a single app on multiple devices.

    A quality Security System will provide a single app you can use on any device, enabling you to set your alarm, disarm your alarm, raise your garage door or unlock your door.

  • Install fire sensors.

    In addition to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire sensors can alert the fire department when a fire starts, giving you time to get your loved ones out of the burning home as well as increase fire department response time.


With the realities of crime and natural disasters like wild fires, the unexpected can occur at any time and catch you off-guard.

Taking these basic steps may not only reduce your insurance premiums but protect you from sustaining out-of-pocket losses.

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The same principles as the story above apply to businesses as well. In addition to Security System measures, we have products that can decrease your business's operating costs.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phones are one of the hottest trends in the telecommunication industry today. SIP phones are IP (Internet Protocol) telephones that enable your Internet service provider to integrate basic phone capabilities with web, email, online chat and more.

Here's how a SIP phone system may benefit your business:

  • Cost Effective
    SIP systems offer low monthly rates which means more saving on your phone system to put back into your growing business.

  • Mobility
    When you get your SIP phone connected to the Internet, you can make phone calls anywhere in the world.

  • Integration
    Some SIP phones deliver rich enterprise telephony capabilities integrating to your Outlook contacts, CRM systems, and business applications through thousands of Android apps.


The reduced hardware costs and simplicity of routing your company's calls over the Internet can mean huge savings on your monthly telephone bill.

Learn more about the different types of phones available, how the system can be integrated into your Internet, enabling communication to anyone, anywhere in the world, without incurring exorbitant fees.

There are so many other useful SIP phone features and benefits that can enhance your business.


Contact us today to learn how you may be able to save on Home Insurance, plus gain peace of mind of knowing your property and loved ones are safe.


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Instant Notifications for Commercial Fire Alarms

Fire destroys thousands of businesses each year, costing billions of dollars in property damage, ruined inventory, and lost business opportunities. Disruption to your business such as the loss of data or key equipment can take time to replace or may even be irreplaceable.


Consider this sobering statistic: 80% of companies that suffer a major fire close permanently within three years. Installing a quality fire alarm system to protect your hard-earned business assets is one of the best investments you can make.

Reliable Detection, Immediate Notification in Case of Fire

We provide dependable solutions for the biggest safety threats to business. Hard-wired fire safety options include smoke detectors, heat sensors, and carbon monoxide alarms.


Wireless systems include heat detectors

and carbon monoxide alarms. Plus all the

accessories you need to help protect your

business against a catastrophic fire or

carbon monoxide leak.

Ultimately, we keep your building and your

people safe while meeting all state safety

mandates. With an extensive line of

products that consistently deliver effective

sensing and detection—you’re covered by

reliable protection at a reasonable price.

Every business has unique needs. You

don’t just need a fire extinguisher. You

need to meet fire code requirements.

You need the right number and types of

fire extinguishers that are appropriate

for your potential hazards.

Fire Alarms with Mass Notification and Instant Alerts

Commercial Fire Alarms with mass notification are often used to call people to action in the event of impending danger such as fire, dangerous weather, terrorist, tsunami, explosion or even invasion.

​Mass notification systems may also give specific instructions based on the type of emergency. For example, for a tornado warning, the instructions may be to shelter in place, or for a chemical spill it may be to report to a specific safe area within the building. In the event of a fire, the instructions would be to evacuate the building.

When these events occur key employees and staff are often tasked with coordinating and implementing safety protocol procedures to make sure every-thing runs smoothly. Instant notifications of critical fire alarms instantly help key staff to be aware of the issue at the same time and coordinate together to proceed

with their plan of action.

Instant notifications of fire alarm events are the perfect solution for hotels, resorts, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, governmental and municipal buildings.


Watch this video to see the instant notifications as an alarm is sounding:




Get instant notifications for your key responders. Contact us for more information.

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Fire Video.png


Step Up


Today, it's easier than ever to keep your property and loved ones safe. At
A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, we'll work with you to customize a security system and Smart Home technology that's efficient, cost effective and scalable.

Start with a package like our UltraSync kit, now FREE with a $99 install and monitoring for just $36.95 a month. (See offer below.)

Build from there, adding features to turn your home into a safe and secure entertainment haven.








With a scalable Security System, you can take your time to adjust to your system and then add amazing Smart Home features and monitor them from anywhere using one app, including:


Stay in the know, from wherever you are. Check system status, arm/disarm and trigger automations from virtually anywhere.


Come home to a safer environment by turning on lights prior to arriving.


Adjust thermostats when leaving home, to save energy, and before arriving home, to come home to the ideal temperature.




View live video and recorded video clips from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

​Door Locks

Close the garage door from the comfort of your bed. Unlock a door from the office to let a visitor into the home.


View the status of security and life safety sensors, and be alerted when selected devices are opened or activated.

Give us a call to take advantage of our Ultrasync FREE equipment offer with $99 Installation, or to review other Security Systems that may be best for you.

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