Cable companies say that by “bundling" security services, with TV, Phone and Internet, you’ll save money. Its a scam…

What Cable companies do is raise your pricing every 6 months or every year… and when you call in to complain, they then offer you some additional bundling options to keep your price increase at a smaller amount or zero, when you get the additional services.

While you will lower your overall rates initially, and possibly receive free equipment, it’s usually an introductory price that is good for one year or less.  We hear story after story, where a cable company will double their pricing over a 3-5 year period.
A & E’s regular low price for alarm services begin at $24.95 per month, and we see many, cable company bills in the $50-60 per month price range.

The real reason cable companies want you to bundle services is that you are less likely you to cancel or switch services. It becomes quite difficult to change if you are unhappy with one of their bundled services. It may require a change to all your services.

Cable companies may not always put good service or understanding security as a priority due to offering so many different services. Most consumer advocacy groups strongly recommends that consumers NOT bundle security and fire protection into their internet, phone and TV services, as these company do not carry licensing, training or 24 hour service levels to property serve and protect you.

During an emergency situation, you need to know that your security provider will be there for you by responding quickly and effectively. You need to know that they understand security and provide reliable, dependable monitoring by a UL-Listed monitoring center with trained operators. Many cable companies are monitored by a “call-center”; meaning they take no responsibility in dispatching or notifying you during an emergency. If your cable fails, you miss your favorite show.  If your security system fails your life can be at risk.  why trust anything less than a professional security company with your family's safety?


Things to Consider

  • When do their rates go up and by how much?

  • How long are you on hold when you call for assistance?

  • What is their BBB customer service rating?

  • Is the monitoring center UL-Listed with trained operators?

  • What happens when the power and internet goes out?

  • Does the price REALLY go up, if I don’t take any more services?


When choosing an alarm system and monitoring its best to go with a company that understands security and is dedicated to your safety and protection, not just interested in getting more money from you every month.


A & E Offers:

  • Internet and Cellular connections with battery back-up in the event of power failure

  • Smartphone control

  • Long  term warranties

  • Low monthly costs (starting at $24.95 per month)

  • Special Trade-In & Buy-Back Programs offered by United Technologies, a world leader in Security, Video & Access Systems

  • Nearly 50 years of experience.  Doing Security for your home, and office since 1968

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