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Security systems are a fact of life today, not only in our homes but in our businesses. One of the most common types of Security Alarms are Intrusion Alarm Systems or Burglar Alarms. Intrusion Alarms use control panels, many types of sensors, door and window contacts that detect break-ins or unauthorized entry into your home or office and sound an alarm. The alarm condition is monitored and the proper authorities are notified. Our security systems are designed and engineered to utilize the best equipment for your specific needs. We specialize in system integration to give you complete and reliable security solutions.


Our system designers are trained to evaluate and design systems based on your unique situation. Whether your home is big or small, we take the time to get you know your needs and tailor a comprehensive commercial security system to meet your exact budget and requirements. Our comprehensive line of security solutions can easily accommodate a variety of security priorities, providing unmatched protection and safety for your family and home. 


Take full advantage of systems designed for modern life. Our customized solutions allow you to control your security system when you're away from business for added convenience and protection. We install systems that let you check on employees, receive voice, email, message reports and control lighting settings off-site. In addition, the system can be adjusted right from your laptop, cell phone or other web-enabled device. Designed to blend seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, systems include user-friendly features such as easy-to-understand buttons for arming, disarming and delivering system status updates. We can help you decide the system and features that best meet your needs.

- Immediate alert notice

- Control the system remotely

- Accessible from laptop or cellphone

- User-friendly features, easy-to-read display

- Control security, lighting, HVAC, door locks and more


Once your system is installed, we take the time to educate you on all the features and functions, making sure you understand how your system works for optimal performance. Questions can easily be answered by picking up the phone to speak to a service representative. Need someone in person? No problem! Our highly trained technicians specialize in service calls to address any concerns or problems you may have down the road.


Because we work closely with our brand partners, we are able to offer you the best warranties security products. You don't just get the standard warranty other companies offer, you get the best extended warranty at no extra cost. Equipment upgrades and Buy-Back/Buy-Up: Your initial investment pays off big time when its time to upgrade your equipment! Our buy-back/buy-up programs lets you upgrade your existing equipment and receive a credit towards your new system. Ask one of our system designers for the details!

Featuring proven and secure wireless technology, the UltraSync panel communicates with various sensors to provide up to 64 zones of burglary protection and 24-hour safety. Wifi with cell back-up connectivity. Expandable for ZWave Home Automation and Cameras.