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Why a Smart Irrigation Controller?

It is always a bit embarrassing when your notice your front yard sprinklers are running on a rainy day?

Updating your current controller to a smart version is the beginning of saving money, being more eco-friendly, and having better control of one of the largest drivers of utility costs for your home.

START SMART, Update your existing Sprinkler Controller

Using a Smart Irrigation Controller means you don’t water when it’s not needed.

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Want to upgrade to better home awareness?

Integrating your irrigation controller into a more encompassing home app, is a way to create cross awareness between your smart devices.  This is most cost effectively done by utilizing a small home controller, or an smart alarm system, that can also integration smart thermostat, smart locks, smart lights, smart garage door, cameras, door bells and security.
Your alarm is the smartest device in hour house to know when you are home vs away.  This is the first step of larger integration where when you arm your alarm (leave the house), your doors can lock, lights can turn off, garage door closes and temperature adjusts and sprinkler system can adjust to off mode.


The whole house integration utilizing ELAN can take your home to a whole new level.
Be notified when a door, or window is left open too far, or a person walks to your doorbell, or a package is left.  Remotely control everything from a single app

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Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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