Is Your Family Next?

Many home surveillance cameras are easy to hack thanks to weak passwords and unencrypted data.

When you get your Video Doorbell or Video Surveillance cameras and monitoring from A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, you won’t have to worry about pesky hackers spying on or threatening you or your family.

In recent days, families in Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Texas have reported their camera systems being hacked.










Hackers harassed the families, used racial slurs, and spoke directly to children, leaving the families feeling violated and helpless.

Only four days after installing a camera in her daughters' room, a Mississippi mom’s 8-year-old daughter heard music and a banging noise coming from the room. When the child began looking for the source of the noise, she heard a voice saying, "I'm Santa Claus, don't you want to be my best friend?"

A couple in Texas was awakened when a hacker took over their camera system.

In captured video, a voice can be heard saying, "We would like to notify you that your account has been terminated by a hacker." It then says, "Pay this 50 bitcoin ransom or you will get terminated yourself."

While no harm was ultimately caused, the intrusion was "Very scary,” said the homeowner.


For a family in Florida, the hack of their camera brought racist abuse into their home.

Video shows a home alarm being triggered, followed by a voice spewing racial abuse through the camera. The abuse continued for three minutes, until the family removed the batteries from the camera.

A Kansas family was subjected to a hacker commenting on their activities, “That tree is looking really, really, good, guys.”

“Our daughter’s still creeped out,” said the homeowner. “She couldn’t fall asleep that night.”

Our encrypted software gives you – not outsiders – the ability to securely and privately view captured images from anywhere, using a smartphone or tablet.

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Porch Pirates at Your Door

Does it seem like Porch Pirates have a map to your home? While package theft increases during the holidays, Porch Pirates are a year-round problem.


Don't be a statistic. A & E Security and Electronic Solutions can provide a surveillance system sure to dissuade all manner of package thieves.

Here are the facts:

        Million Americans have had holiday packages stolen from their front porch


An average of                  packages were taken

                         was the average value of each package


Police arrest less than                       of thieves each year

                      Of package-theft victims have had packages mailed to a different address


                             have changed plans in

                             order to receive a


                     of victims will change their online-shopping habits during the holidays


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There's Nothing Like the Real Thing

Does your home or office have alarm company signs on the property or decals on the windows, but don’t actually have a Security System?

The use of signs and window decals to deter intruders is on the rise, but are they really effective? After all, fake is fake, and many burglars know what to look out for.

While it may seem advantageous to try and protect your property by posting Security System signs or window decals, consider the following:


  • Are signs and decals really cheaper than a security system?
    A Security System requires an initial investment in equipment and ongoing monitoring costs. However, this cost will seem minuscule when compared to your insurance deductible of $500 or higher, not to mention replacing what you’ve lost.

    The FBI estimated an average loss of about $2,400 per residential break-in in 2017. And that doesn’t include the emotional impact such a violation may have on you and your family. With monitoring costs starting as low as $19.95 per month, the annual cost is far less than your insurance deductible and peace of mind.

  • Fakes are easy to spot. With many security companies going out of business or confined to a limited area, it’s easy for a burglar to do a quick Google search to see if the company on your signs is legitimate or still in business.

    An experienced intruder will know to peek in a window to locate an alarm keypad or mounted camera.

  • Affordable alternatives exist. With many choices in today’s marketplace, you can protect your property and loved ones for relatively low cost. A burglary happens every 23 seconds in the U.S. according to the FBI, but there is no reason for you to become another statistic.

  • At A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, we have full Security Systems for as little as $399, installed. Why put your family at risk when it costs so little to protect them? And with our professional technicians doing the installation, you won’t risk injury or install errors.

If you’re unsure a security system is right for you, we can get you started with a video doorbell or camera that are expandable so you can add to them when it makes the most sense for you.


We have systems and monitoring plans to meet your needs, regardless of the size or location of your property.


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