Too Much Tech Gear.
Not Enough Beauty.


We recently had a couple come to us with several concerns about their home’s living room entertainment gear - ranging from performance to appearance.


The husband had the TV he wanted, but the sound was not quite up to his expectations. He was concerned the upgrades he wanted would require them to keep track of even more remotes. The most important concern for the wife – who was quite the interior decorator – was the cluttered equipment and wires detracting from the beauty of their home.

When we arrived on site, we discovered the house was wired for a TV room surround system and three other areas contained whole house sound. We decided to take their existing TV, add a mounting bracket and move it to a better location.

Once the TV was relocated, we installed a surround sound receiver, a whole house sound system, and speakers below the TV.

To control their TV, streaming devices, DISH system, surround sound and whole house sound system, we added an ELAN Control System. This System allowed for the added integration of the existing DISH Hopper box, and we added a video streamer to use with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, as well as a music streamer for Pandora, Spotify, and Radio.

Now  the  entire  system  is controlled with a single app,

a single remote and voice control that brings all the home systems together. Gone are the multiple boxes, remotes and hanging wires.


The best part is the homeowners can watch or listen to what they like from any room in their house with a single controller.

Let us help breathe new life into your favorite room.

Michael Elsberry

Get a Security System Check Up Today


You may not be fully utilizing all the tools found within your security system. Make your system more efficient and convenient, giving you more confidence in your property's safety as well as peace of mind.

You may already utilize 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response. Stay aware of important activity at your property all the time, not just when there's an emergency, with customizable text, push notifications and email alerts.

Or, are you looking to upgrade to a Smart Home system whereby you can control not only your security system but also your entire home, including lights, thermostat, TV and appliances with just your voice? We can also come out and take a look at your current set up to ensure any vulnerable areas are covered.

Take our quiz to find out if your property is protected.


_____ Is your property protected with Interactive Security, allowing you to monitor activity 24/7?

_____ Do you get Anytime Alerts and know what’s happening on your property, the moment it happens?

_____ Do you have Image Sensors, providing visual verification on your phone to see what’s happening at your property?

_____ Are you set up to get instant Fire & Smoke Alarm alerts when these emergencies are detected?

_____ Will you know when carbon monoxide is at an unsafe level with CO Monitoring & Alerts?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, we can help. Give Rena Lopez a call to schedule an evaluation at 503-883-4131 today.

Protect everyone and everything you care about.

Rena Lopez

Don't Get Stuck

We've Got You Covered


So, you misplaced your keys. What to do? You know if you go to the dealer you'll pay outrageous costs for a transponder key replacement.


At A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, we cut high security transponder keys for most vehicles at a much lower cost than dealers. Stop by our showroom today to get a spare and get 10% Off for a limited time.

Many people put off getting a second set of keys for their vehicle due to the hassle and cost of having to visit the dealership.

What exactly is a transponder key?
Transponder keys have an RF Transmitter encased inside the plastic head of the key.













How do you know if your vehicle has a transponder key?

Take a look at your key, in most cases it will be considerably thicker than a standard key and the top will be encased in a plastic housing while other keys are encased in the car remote.

Another indication you have a transponder key is the cost. Simply

call the dealership with your VIN number and ask how much a replacement key and/or fob will cost.


Chances are getting a second key and/or remote will set you back anywhere from $50 - $900 depending on the year and make and model of the vehicle.

Bypass the dealer and save.
Chances are we can provide a replacement transponder key for your vehicle, and we'll give you a 10% off coupon to help you save even more.


Simply print the coupon below or show it to our locksmith on your phone.


Sonja Stasi