Doing It Yourself Doesn't Mean Going It Alone

Video Doorbell


See who's at the door - every time.






​​​​​​​​Door, Window and Motion Sensors


Get a notification for any breach of your property.

Your Safety Bundle


Get a Security System you install yourself. We have packages for as low as $399.

Get a professional Security Equipment for a DIY price.

Kit Includes:

  • Base Unit

  • Three Window/Door Sensors

  • One Motion Sensor

  • Video Doorbell

  • FREE Smartphone App

  • Two Window Decals

  • One Yard Sign


PLUS, our Monitoring System features military-grade encryption, so you won’t get hacked. The app allows tracking in real time, without the need for push notifications.

A & E Technology and Communications provides the hardware and support you need to self-install our state-of-the-art Security System. We supply detailed installation instructions as well as access to video instructions on our YouTube Channel.


Don’t settle. Get the professional Security System you and your loved ones deserve.

To learn more about how our Military-grade Encryption can help protect you inside and outside your home, call Rena Lopez at:



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Are You ​Wired for Wireless?

Smart building is no longer the wave of the future – it’s already here.


Smart technology is becoming the standard, especially in new home construction. The availability of Smart features can make or break a home buying decision.

It’s true that Smart homes sell faster; 81% of smart home users say they would be more apt to purchase a home that has connected technology. Buyers want Smart homes, and they are willing to spend more to get it.

Your team are experts in building new residential and commercial buildings. Or, you may be renovating spaces in order to integrate Smart Technology. It isn’t realistic to expect your team to be instant Smart Tech experts. That’s where we come in.


At A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, we’ve spent the last 50 years providing the most recent and best security products to both residential and commercial clients. The same goes for the newest Smart Technology.

We’ll partner with you and your team in order to provide the best Smart solutions for your buyers, before, during and after the building process. Here are the types of Smart Tech your buyers may expect:





Prep for Success


Give yourself the best chance for success in 2020 - and beyond. A & E Security will partner with you to ensure your new home builds meet and exceed buyer expectations.

To learn more about how our Military-grade Encryption can help protect you inside and outside your home, call Rena Lopez at:



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Push in Case of Emergency

Panic buttons are specialized emergency devices that are used to request immediate police, fire or medical help.


Once a panic button is pressed, it sends a signal to the security system, which in turn sends a distress signal to a central monitoring station.


Typically, the central monitoring station calls the user to confirm an actual emergency, or if the button was pressed accidentally.


                             Panic buttons can also
                             be programmed to
                             either produce an
                             audible siren or no
                             sound, serving as a
                             silent alarm.

Once an emergency is confirmed, the central monitoring station dispatches emergency personnel.


Panic buttons are appropriate for both commercial and residential customers. For example, many banks and retail establishments have at least one panic button for use in the event of a robbery.


A restaurant will often have a panic button mounted under the bar near the cash register. A silent alarm can be utilized in the event of an unruly or intoxicated individual threatening the bartender or other staff. The authorities would be summoned without tipping off the individual that panic button has been activated.


A person may also have a
panic button inside their

home so that if there is a
break in, they can quickly
alert the police before the
burglars realize that the
authorities are en route.


Most businesses can benefit from the use of panic alarms, with placement options including:

  • Receptionists' desks in building lobbies

  • Security stations and checkpoints

  • Shipping/receiving areas

  • Customer service counters

  • Check-out counters and cashier's stations

  • Rooms where cash or other valuables are received, processed or stored

  • Interview rooms in Human Resources department

  • Executive office suites

  • Anywhere confrontations with the public are likely to occur



Types of Panic Buttons:


  • Wall Mounted Panic/Hold-Up Button

  • Under the Counter Mounted Panic/Hold-Up Button

  • Wireless Keyfob that attaches to a key-chain

There are different ways that panic buttons can be programmed with a security panel in order to prevent false alarms.


To start protecting your employees, guests or family members with a panic button, call Rena Lopez at:



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