Michael Elsberry

Bring on 2019, We’ll Bring Peace of Mind


We work with a lot of businesses and know that maintaining the integrity and safety of your product requires planning, strategy, and delegation when appropriate.

As security experts, we help ensure that businesses don’t fall victim to the perils of nature, such as:
temperature fluctuations, light exposure, power outage, and

changes in humidity. We also help guard against the exposure to human nature as well - by keeping unwanted visitors out of your facility and property.

A & E Security and Electronic Solutions can help secure areas such as building security, and access to your business, as well as compliance with local and state fire codes.


As integrators, we specialize in:

  • Video Surveillance and Burglar Alarms

  • Temperature and Humidity Control

  • Business SIP Phones

  • Networks, Intercoms, Sound Systems

  • Antivirus, Cloud Back-Up

  • Access Control, Locks and Keys

  • Safes

  • Internal and Guest WiFi

  • IT Consulting, Help Desk Support

  • Lighting Control


We go beyond physical systems to smart apps that let you know when a door has been accessed during off times, video security that lets you look in from your mobile phone to see who is wandering about, and time restrictions that can limit when staff can enter a room.

Everyone needs unified communications to operate efficiently in today’s mobile world. Save money and gain flexibility with network-based telephony systems that provide on-the-go integration for mobile users. Easily interconnect outbuildings, production, distribution and retail to keep communication open.

Wouldn’t it be great to offer fast, robust WiFi to your on-site guests without compromising internal company data speeds and driving up costs? We can help you set up networking and guest WiFi services that will keep your customers
engaged and connected.


What about network security? Do you need off-site cloud backup, firewall and networking help? We even have antivirus packages to help keep spam and malware at bay, While personalized desktop support helps you keep systems running smoothly and efficiently.

You probably do many of these things now. The challenge is, when something isn't working, who do you call? Does one vendor blame the other, leaving you confused and frustrated? Wouldn’t it be great to have one technology provider for everything from doors, locks and keys, to computer desktop support? Delegate your security to A & E. You'll only need to make one phone call, one point of responsibility. We'll help eliminate the cost and confusion of five vendors, walking around each other.

Let's talk. Drop me an email at or give me a call at: 503-472-4220. You'll be glad you did.


Sonja Stasi

Worry-Free Medical Alert Smart Watch


"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

We all remember this TV commercial that originally aired back in 1989.

A lot has changed since the original Life Call medical alert unit was first introduced. Gone are the hardwired land line telephones, the bulky call pendants and the inability to use the service outside of the home.

Fast forward 29 years. Instead of land lines, we’re using cell phones and voice over the Internet as our primary way to communicate. Gone are the days of waiting at home for a telephone call. As technology has changed, the  medical alert industry has struggled with how to provide service for those individuals who are active and not housebound.

With the introduction of smart phones and watches, developers began exploring the possibility of incorporating a medical alert device that works with cell and GPS location services. The first prototypes were clunky, large pendants that resembled an actual cell phone. Coverage and pinpointing location were problematic in the inception phase. As technology and location services grew, the medical alert industry developed stronger protocols for their devices.

As a result of this growth, we are excited to introduce the newest Medical Alert and Smart Phone device to our customer base. The Reemo Samsung Medical Alert and Smart Watch provides help at the push of a button even while out shopping, walking the dog or on vacation. Users can monitor their heart rate, keep track of their steps (just like a pedometer) and receive health alerts via the mobile health platform.


Caregivers and family members
can choose to observe location and view health alerts additionally on the health platform.



This Medical Alert and Smart Watch is sleek and stylish and operates as a standard digital watch when the medical alert function is not needed. Rest assured when it’s needed, a swipe across the face of the watch connects you to a live operator that will communicate with you via two-way voice and deploy emergency personal when you need it.

Stop by our showroom to see this SMART watch, or give Sonja a call at: 503-883-4139 and make an appointment for us to come to you and show you how it works.


Enjoy the freedom, security and mobility it offers and rest assured help is there if you need it.

Rena Lopez

The New Year's Resolution You Can Keep


Now, for a simple investment of just $64.99, you can protect your new electronic gear from unforeseen power surges, power outages or brownouts.

The Minuteman EnSpire EN350, norma
lly $79, is on sale for $64.99 - a savings of 18%!

You and your family probably received fun gifts over the holidays. If any of them are electronic, they are susceptible to damage from surges and brownouts. Keep your most prized equipment safe with a simple investment of $64.99 in a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) from Minuteman!

Keep an unexpected surge or brownout from damaging your valuable electronic gear.

  • Regularly $79, now just $64.99  - an 18% Savings!

  • Covered by a $50,000 Minuteman Platinum Protection Plan®

  • Auto Recognition by Microsoft Windows Software

  • Cost-effective way to protect telephone lines

With a Minuteman® EnSpire EN350 UPS power protection system from

A & E Security and Electronic Solutions:

  • Your power supply - and security system - is not interrupted

  • Your equipment is protected during a brownout, blackout, spike or surge

  • Pay a nominal one-time fee for the EnSpire EN350 - Now just $64.99!

It's the single easiest and cost effective way you can stay confident in the effectiveness of your home security. At A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, we'll provide the perfect device to protect everything that matters most.


Make securing your home, family and possessions your first New Year's Resolution with the EnSpire EN350 UPS.

Call Rena at: 503-883-4131, or email me today!

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