What do Cyber Security and Security Have in Common?

A break-in can feel extremely personal; a violation. Recently, these incidents have risen with the advent of wireless cameras and video doorbells.

Some devices are easy for criminals to hack, resulting in disturbing events that users may or may not be aware of. Being watched without permission is as intrusive as it gets. 

​​​​​​​​Don't get caught off guard.

Security at home isn’t just about installing locks and setting up a surveillance camera. Protecting your home network is just as important, as more and more devices are connecting to the internet – from your TV to your fridge.

These devices usually aren’t secure themselves, so they rely on the homeowner to secure the whole network. Printers and security cameras getting hacked is nothing new anymore. Luckily there are ways to protect your home devices:

  • Secure the home network from eavesdropping attacks by using encryption. At A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, we use Military-Grade Encryption.

  • Buy and install a good firewall program. This is the first line of defense against attacks and will protect against unwanted network requests from outsiders.

  • Change the default passwords on any device that connects to the internet, especially security cameras and baby monitors.

It’s a Matter of Personal Security

Cybersecurity doesn’t stop at home or your workplace – it’s a personal matter too. People carry connected devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches with them every day, and these need to be protected too.

Take a look at every personal device you own and assess how secure they are. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do not download software or apps from an unknown or untrusted source, even if they look legitimate.

  • Keep the number of apps and programs on a device to a minimum and delete those that aren’t in use.

  • Make sure that you update your apps and software regularly to avoid any security issues that may come up.

  • Use additional security software like antivirus, email encryption software, and a password manager.

  • Always set up password protection and “find my device” where possible.


​​​Keeping Up With Cybersecurity

Staying secure means implementing basic cybersecurity principles in every facet of your digital life. It’s essential to always keep up to date with the latest trends in cybersecurity for a truly secure lifestyle.

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Keep Your Personal Mobile Number Private

It's not always convenient to switch phones or phone numbers when you are out of the office. It can be confusing for clients to keep two separate numbers for you - one for when you're in the office, and one for your mobile phone when you are out.

Now, Panasonic has created an app that allows you to use your mobile phone for all your business calls, no matter where you are. Working with your Panasonic SIP phone system, as long as you have cell service, you can sync your office phone with your mobile phone so you never miss another call.


What's more, when you use your mobile phone to make a call, the caller ID on the receiving end will display your office number.

Your Smartphone Works as a Company Phone Extension

By installing Mobile Softphone, you can use your smartphone as a company extension. Basic PBX features like call holding and transferring are also available.




Audio/Video Calls

Audio calls and video calls can be used

  • When you are on call with Mobile Softphone app and receive a native incoming call, you can switch conversation party with a simple tapping without bothering the calling or waiting parties

  • In addition to person-to–person video conversations, 3-party video conferences enable the joining of remote meetings



Simple Installation

Mobile Softphone (Client for iOS/ Android)

  • Simply download the app from the App Store (free of charge) or Google Play, and configure the settings

  • There is no need to prepare a server

​​​​​​​​​​​​Simple Operation

  • Mobile Softphone Operation Screen

  • When you are on a call with Mobile Softphone Application, and receive a native incoming call, you can switch conversation party with a simple tapping without bothering the calling or waiting parties.




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Source:  Panasonic


Is Your House Smart Enough?

Research has predicted that about 128 million homes will be converted into smart homes by the end of 2020 as smart device purchases increase.

The demand for smart home solutions is expected to increase significantly, as consumers realize the importance and benefits of installing energy-efficient products.

Additionally, keep in mind how smart tech could impact the value of your home as you consider upgrades. Adding the right smart devices can help move your property quicker when it's time to sell. Smart tech done right could boost the price by as much as 10%.

Following are a few of the best options for upgrading your connected home:

  1. Smart Thermostat
    With automated climate control, you can make lives more comfortable, easier and more convenient at the same time.

    With robust energy monitoring and the opportunity to save money on monthly bills, this modest purchase should top your list.


  2. Smart Video Doorbell
    Video doorbells make for a great smart home upgrade since they’re so easy to install and use.

    This is a precious safety feature in its own right while the night vision camera makes things even more secure.


  3. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Fires can be ruinously damaging to homes, at best involving a costly and time-consuming insurance claim. This is why it’s necessary to invest in a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.


  4. Smart Locks
    Another smart home upgrade is a classic smart lock. The powered lock can also be opened with a smartphone using a touchscreen and key code.


  5. Smart Appliances
    Think about budget and what you already have in place at home. You can expect an ROI of 11% more than with standard appliances.

    These include bread baking and coffee brewing, as well as a smart convection oven and air fryer. These appliances are available for less than you might think, too.




Consider the above tech as investments capable of yielding a significant ROI. You don’t need to spend a fortune on frivolous devices. 

We have systems and monitoring plans to meet your needs, regardless of the size or location of your property. There’s something for everyone.


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