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What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?


Keep an unexpected surge or brownout from damaging your valuable electronic gear.

A UPS provides guaranteed power conditioning and backup power when utility power fails, either long enough for critical equipment to shut down gracefully so that no data is lost, or long enough to keep required loads operational until a secondary AC source, like a generator, comes online.

A UPS also conditions incoming power so that all-too-common sags and surges don’t damage sensitive electronic gear.

If you'll be on the move this summer, don't let a storm, wind, or a cut power line take your security out and leave your property vulnerable. A UPS can act as a backup generator of sorts, using a built-in battery to stay functional and secure.






- Wireless networking equipment (routers, modems)

- Servers

- Computers

- IP Phone Systems

- Televisions

- Security Systems

- Gaming consoles

- Mobile devices


UPS Types


What Size is Needed?

Electronics have both maximum watt ratings and maximum VA (volt-ampere) ratings. Neither rating may be exceeded by attached equipment.


Watts measure real power drawn by the equipment, while volt-amps are the product of the voltage applied to the equipment times the current drawn by the equipment.



Figuring out Run Time for Equipment

Run time refers to the amount of time a UPS will be able to power its attached equipment in the event of a power disruption.


The more equipment you have plugged-in to your UPS, the less run time you will have, so it’s important to make sure your UPS is only providing backup power to your most critical equipment.


When planning your vacation, don't forget to secure everything you can't take with you.

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Be our Guest! Be our Guest!
Put Your Service to the Test

Guests love your beach house and you love the rental income that comes with partnering with Airbnb. However, managing your property isn't always convenient or easy, especially if you live an hour or more away from your property.

Part of the draw of Airbnb is for renters to feel like they're in a home away from home and not an average hotel.

As a host, keeping an eye on things without being overly snoopy or violating Airbnb's policies (located here) is possible, and will help you manage your property more efficiently and safely.

Today's new smart gadgets can help your guests enjoy their visit more and help give you greater control over your property.


Smart Locks

Physical keys can get lost, broken or even copied at the local hardware store. With smart locks you provide your guests with a temporary access code valid from check-in to check-out. Track who is accessing the property and when they arrive and leave.


Video Door Bell

Allow guests to communicate directly with you by two-way voice while you view who you are speaking with by one-way video. Also see any unwanted guests and save the footage should an accident or emergency occur.


Any device that can record or transmit video, audio or still images needs to be disclosed in your listing, including a video door bell.

​Smart Thermostats

Manage the thermostat easily from any smart phone, tablet or computer. Control energy management while reducing heating and cooling costs when your rental is unoccupied.


Smart Lights

Schedule lights to come on during a specific time frame when the property is vacant. Incorporating a light to come on when an access code is entered into a smart lock gives your guests a lighted welcome and enhances safety.


Security System

Smart intrusion alarm systems protect your property and work with other smart devices to provide complete coverage and ease of operation. Door, window and motion sensors protect against unauthorized access, glass breakage, and suspicious movement inside the property.


Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help protect your guests and property from fire and gases, while water sensors alert you to any broken pipes and flooding.

Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras help protect your property against theft and stored camera footage provides a record of happenings should an accident or emergency occur.


All cameras need to be facing outdoors and not towards a window and need to be clearly listed in your Airbnb listing.


Voice Command Music and Video

Built-in speakers with voice command lets your guests easily play music, stream video and even control other smart devices within the property.


Providing your guests a safe property with smart home devices will help increase your occupancy as well as protect your investment.


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Let Us Entertain You


Your day is finally over. As you pull into your driveway, the door unlocks for you. The security system disarms. Your lights turn on, shades lower and relaxing music plays throughout every room in your home.


As you ease into your favorite seat, the newest film release begins streaming in your home theater. Sound good? This can be yours, all with the touch of a button from any smart phone or tablet.


From all sizes/prices of homes, from apartments to some of the most luxurious homes, there is never a one size fits all. Whether you’re building your dream home from the ground up or moving into a condo, adding today’s “smart” technology devices will help enhance your entertainment, communication and comfort.


Home Networks and WI-FI

Today’s families are constantly streaming content, browsing social media, online gaming and using multiple devices at the same time. Properly wired, placed and configured wire access points (WAPs) will ensure that your wireless demands are met now and, in the future, as well.



Monitor your home on vacation or from the comfort of your own bed from any smart phone or tablet. You don’t even need to get out of bed to check your network cameras. No more worrying about intruders, broken water pipes, carbon monoxide leaks or smoke and fire damage.


Unlock doors easily with an electronic lock from the door keypad, or use a mobile device or key chain remote. 24/7 monitoring provides peace of mind should an emergency arise.



Video doorbells notify you when a guest arrives at the door by motion detection. Simply view and talk with guests from your smart phone or tablet. Strategically placed cameras provide extra protection from vandalism and theft. No more worries about unreliable wireless baby monitoring cameras and privacy concerns.

Home Entertainment

Everyone loves sitting down to watch Netflix or stream a music video. With the right components, you can enjoy theater like-quality entertainment right in your own home. Friends and family will enjoy the incredible sound and stunning high definition video during the next big game.


Whole Room Audio

With one touch on your smart phone, tablet or remote, listen to your whole house come to life. Music from hidden in-wall and in-ceiling speakers fill every room with vibrant, crisp quality sound.


Outdoor speakers that seamlessly blend in to your landscape, make your next barbecue or cocktail party an event to remember.


Safes and Vaults

Brute force protection is important, but a thief can’t steal what he can’t find or haul away. Fire rated safes are built with the newest technology, protecting important papers, documents, photos and more.


For hunting enthusiasts or law enforcement personnel, a gun safe protects against burglary, fire or children accessing the equipment.


We’re here to help you navigate the ever changing world of technology in the world of home automation and security. Ready to start?


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