MAY 2020

MAY 2020


We Heard You.

While "sheltering in place" over the past couple of months you learned to appreciate fast Wi-Fi and smart home devices.

Quick and efficient equipment made life more tolerable, productive, and enjoyable while staying at home. As we begin to open up our state and venture outdoors, you'll still want to enjoy these efficiencies when home.

These amenities may require updating your home or looking for a new home pre-wired or equipped with smart devices and high-speed Internet.



Wired for Wireless.

A robust Wi-Fi connection is crucial for video conferencing and streaming content over multiple devices and users. Wiring at the time the home is built gives you the ability to "plug-in" for data-heavy devices such as 4k video streaming, eliminating the dreaded wireless lagging.

Wiring extra lines and outlets during initial construction or during a remodel will eliminate frustration and additional cost in the future. 

Here For You.

When you embark on a remodel or choose to build your next home, be sure to have your architect, builder, or contractor contact us so we can ensure your dream home doesn't become a smart-device-nightmare.

Partner With Us.

At A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, we specialize in bringing all the smart devices and networking together to provide a seamless experience without high monthly fees.

Make sure all your digital experiences are fast and efficient. Give Rena a call at:

(503) 833-4131

or click to visit our site:


Who's That Knocking at Your Door?

With a video doorbell, you can see who is there, talk to your visitor, and choose whether or not to open the door, all from your smart device.


We carry a selection of video doorbells and our team will work to determine the best option for you. Take a look at what we have to offer.

For example:


Precisely Engineered for Exceptional Performance

Sealed weather-proof design, fisheye camera lens, longer Wi-Fi range, optimized video record rate, and leading-edge infrared illuminators provide an enormous amount of video streaming power.


This Doorbell Camera is hard-wired, which makes it highly durable and low maintenance, an advantage that most other doorbell cameras cannot claim.  

Powerful App Included
This Smart Doorbell Camera comes with a smartphone app, available for multiple users and devices.


With the Doorbell Camera and the app, you’ll never worry about receiving important packages when you’re not at home.

Answer the door remotely and instruct the delivery person on your app.  View your activity log for added monitoring and security, and never miss an alert or an event.










Audio and Visual
Night Vision Infrared capabilities allow you to see who is at your door, even in darkness.


With advanced motion detection capabilities, the Doorbell Camera can alert you to the presence of visitors before they even ring the doorbell.

Now is an excellent time to screen your visitors. Give Rena a call at:

(503) 833-4131

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Protect Your Greatest Asset.

Many counties have released nonviolent offenders to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the criminal justice system. This has resulted in the forced integration of disenfranchised individuals into society during this difficult time, socially and economically.

It’s a fact people are scared, angry and nervous, they don’t know what's going to happen. This all can result in individuals and groups making poor decisions based on fear and economic hardship.
















Take the First Step.

Now’s the time to take steps to protect your family, home and business. Waiting until a crime occurs results in physical and financial loss, and while windows can be fixed the feeling of uncertainty and loss of security can remain for a very long time.



Get your installed alarm package today for just $399!

Installed Alarm Package Includes:

  • Installation

  • Base Unit

  • Internet Monitoring

  • 3 Door and/or Window Sensors

  • 1 Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor

  • 2 Window Stickers

  • 1 Yard Sign

  • Smartphone/tablet app for iOS® and Android®

*Plus 36-month monitoring contract

Protecting your property is affordable and effective. Call Rena to schedule a visit or installation at:

(503) 883-4131

or click to visit our site.


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