'Tis the Season for Security

This Holiday season, show your loved ones how much you care by installing an affordable, wireless and expandable UltraSync Home Security System.


Perfect for families on-the-go, the UltraSync Smart App lets you arm and disarm your alarm system and receive notifications with just one tap from virtually anywhere. Customizable to meet your specific needs, UltraSync brings smart, cost effective security and lifestyle management into your home and your fingertips.

And the best part is - everything you need to protect your home is contained in one all-inclusive kit for just $399, including installation. That's a savings of $359 off the retail price of $758 – almost 50%!


  • Installation

  • Base Unit

  • Internet Monitoring with Cellular Backup

  • 3 Door and/or Window Sensors

  • 1 Pet Friendly Motion Sensor

  • 2 Window Stickers

  • 1 Yard Sign

  • Smartphone/tablet app for iOS® and Android®


*36 month monitoring contract

This package ensures no one – or thing – enters your home without you knowing. You can shop, attend holiday parties, take a winter vacation or arrive home anytime, day or night, knowing your home is safe and secure.

Don't Risk It
According to the Oregon Home Security and Crime Prevention Center, homes without a security system are three times more likely to be burglarized. Their Top Burglary-Prevention Tip: Get a home security system.


Since you'll receive alarm notifications in real time, you'll always be aware of activity on your property the instant it happens, so you can take appropriate action. Protect what matters most. Begin securing your property today with the UltraSync alarm starter kit.

Home Control from Anywhere

The UltraSync mobile app gives quick and convenient access to your whole system, so you can have complete control from virtually anywhere. Available for iOS and Android™ devices, the app turns your smartphone or tablet into a home control center in the palm of your hand.


Built on cloud-based technology, the UltraSync system and app give you the ability to remotely manage and automate home systems like HVAC, Z-Wave® lights, thermostats, locks and more from your smartphone or tablet.


For even more value and security, keep reading for special offers on expandable smart components you can customize.

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Holiday Gift Guide

Show your friends and loved

ones you care by giving them

the gift of safety this holiday.

We have something for everyone!

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This personal safe keeps valuables secure


Wireless Intercom

Screen your visitors with this intercom

SALE! $349

Skybell DoorbellCameraRound.png

Video Doorbell

Greet guests before you open the door


Kwikset 99120-005 AE990622.jpg

Smart Lock

Give everyone a unique code to open the door


Drive Up Kit


Wireless Drive Up Announces visitors' arrival

SALE!  $179

AE_ML Outdoor Padlock.jpg

Bluetooth Lock

Use your smart phone to open this padlock

SALE! $62.30

optex Indoor outdoor sensor.jpg

Motion Detector

This camera works inside or outside

SALE! $79.95

Kidde smoke co K21006377.jpg


Monitor smoke and carbon monoxide



When you purchase the UltraSync starter home security kit for $399, we'll include a new smart door lock for only $199 - including installation. That's an additional savings of $89!

You won’t have to wonder about whether or not you locked the door after you’ve hit the road – you can check, lock or unlock doors from your smart phone using the app.
















Track everyone who enters your home by assigning unique entry codes to family members and friends. Use the app to create temporary codes for people who need limited access to your home.

If, for example, you need to let a friend or worker into your home, you can use the app to create a unique code, and then remotely set the system to allow access only on select days and at specific times.

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With the purchase the UltraSync home security kit, we'll include a video doorbell for only $199 - including installation. You'll save another $74 with this offer!


Alternatively, you can add an outdoor camera for another $299.

Make sure the kids got home on time, check in on contractors, or see how your pets are behaving, all through live streaming video via UltraSync indoor/outdoor cameras or with text alerts.












Use a single smart device for:

  • Smart Clips – Get an automatic video clip when the alarm has been disarmed, front door unlocked or alarm set off.

  • Live Video – View live streaming video while you’re away, with HD quality and great lowlight performance.

  • Doorbell Camera – See who's at the front door with the WiFi Doorbell Camera.

  • Continuous Recording – Capture 24/7 continuous recording with the Stream Video Recorder (SVR).


There are video doorbell and surveillance cameras on the market for relatively low cost. These are also touted as DYI, claiming consumers can install and monitor these devices themselves. This may be true. However, due to increasing reports of camera hacking, you may not be the only one monitoring your property and family.

When you work with a professional Security company like A & E, we ensure your equipment is installed in the most secure way possible. We’ll ensure the proper encrypted video management software is installed.


We’ll give you the perfect amount of control for your home.

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We'll include a new thermostat for only $199 - including installation - when you purchase the UltraSync home starter security kit. This offer will save you an additional $89!


Adjust the temperature of your home from wherever you are.

Program your home’s thermostat to heat or cool based on your schedule, time of year, and time of day. You can make adjustments anytime from virtually anywhere through the app on your Smart device.


In addition to making your home comfortable, this system allows you to take control over your monthly energy bills and lower them.


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Get the UltraSync home security starter kit plus the door lock, plus the video doorbell, plus the thermostat all for $895 - including installation! Save over $430!


Reliable and convenient, UltraSync lets you synchronize your home systems with your day-to-day activities and create customized scenarios so that your home responds to your unique schedule.

Your home can be ready for you at just the right time by:


  • Automatically adjusting thermostats

  • Turning on lights

  • Unlocking doors

  • Anticipating your arrival using the geolocation technology in your UltraSync system paired with your smartphone’s GPS.















Affordable and convenient, UltraSync keeps your home protected and energy efficient. Whether it’s remotely arming or disarming a security system, or controlling lights, thermostats and appliances, UltraSync allows you to control your home’s security, comfort and energy usage, easily and effectively.

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*36 month monitoring contract

Make sure your home, property and loved ones are safe and secure this holiday season. If you experience a major power event, will your home stay protected? You don’t have to risk it.

When you purchase an UltraSync Security System, you can ensure it keeps running, even in the case of a power outage.


With a Minuteman® UPS power protection system from A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, your power supply is not interrupted.








Lose Your Power? Save Your Security.

You’re notified via your smartphone as soon as there is a power breach. Your equipment is protected during a brownout, blackout, spike or surge.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) start as low as $65.


  • Auto-recognition by Microsoft Windows software

  • Cost-effective way to protect telephone lines


  • Protects against spikes, surges, brownouts and blackouts*

  • Full system protection with 8 power outlets


  • Front panel LCD Display provides real-time status updates*

  • Ultra compact case, up to 10 power battery backup

*Applies to systems with installed network card

Give yourself the gift of security. We'll help you select the perfect UPS to keep your property safe.


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