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Protect and Defend Your Property During Uncertainty.

Violence, vandalism, and looting of businesses, government buildings, and homes have become a regular occurrence in recent months. With all its unprecedented events, 2020 has proven that the future is anything but certain.

Oregon, hasn’t been immune from violence and vandalism, recent riots and shooting in Portland, have left businesses and homeowners rattled and seeking protection for the things, and people, they care for most.

When it comes to protecting your business, home, family, and valuables, protection starts here:

Security System

Protect against unauthorized access to your property. Receive notifications when a door is accessed or motion is detected on your property. Control the alarm system by smart app from anywhere.

Glass Break Sensors

Adding glass sensors to an alarm system adds another layer of security to your property. Glass break sensors listen for the sound of windows being broken, and trigger an alarm to the event.

Smoke and Fire Sensors

Early detection is key to preventing devasting losses. Protect against fire damage with smoke and fire sensors that incorporate into your alarm system. Commercial fire alarms, integrate with sprinkler systems, and meet state fire codes.

Video Doorbell with Intercom

Know who's at your door, before you even open the door. View a live video feed and conduct a two-way conversation with guests at your door. View motion activity from yesterday, or a month or more.

Security Cameras

Keep an extra eye on areas of concern with interior and exterior security cameras. View events and receive notifications of activity via the smartphone app. External storage devices record larger amounts of footage, and cloud back-up plans keep your images safe and secure.

Door Locks

High-security locks and keys fortify the doors of your property. Restrict unauthorized key copying, eliminate lock picking while keeping interior and exterior doors secure. Electronic door locks add an additional layer of security, by sending notifications when the lock is accessed and individual user codes provide a record of who and when a user enters or leaves. Forget to lock a door? No problem, simply launch the app and lock remotely.


Tried and true safekeeping for all your valuables. Burglary and fire rated safes feature manual or electronic locking mechanisms, while reinforced steel protects from impact or fire. From gun safes to full-size industrial safes all designed to provide the physical protection you need.

Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring provides live notifications 24/7, 365 days per year. Should an event occur, live operators notify you by phone and dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel to your property.

WiFi and Networking

Internet services from high-speed fiber optics to networks and private and guest WiFi connections. Data when you need it, to run all your devices effortlessly and securely.

Upgrade to Complete Property Protection Today.

Contact us for intrusion and security camera specials. Receive a complimentary security review of your property by a trained security advisor.

Contact us by phone at 503-883-4139 or drop us a message here.


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