We're living in uncertain times and now more than ever it's crucial to make sure your business is protected in the event of theft or vandalism.


While a security system can alert you to unlawful entry, glass breaking, and the presence of smoke and fire, it cannot provide you with actual footage of the event.


Adding video surveillance cameras to your existing security alarm adds an extra layer of protection to your security efforts, allowing you to remotely monitor your property from smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Should an event occur, you will receive motion notifications that will alert you to motion at your cameras, simply use the app to view live footage. To retrieve and review camera footage from an event simply us the app to access the cloud storage. Download the footage to any zip drive for delivery to proper enforcement agencies or insurance adjusters.

Adding video surveillance doesn't need to be difficult or expensive, start small with a video doorbell, interior/exterior camera and, add to the system as your needs change.