With a video doorbell, you can see who is there, talk to your visitor, and choose whether or not to open the door, all from your smartphone. We carry a selection of video doorbells and our team will work to determine the best option for you.

You Can Look But Not Touch

Precisely Engineered for Exceptional Performance
Sealed weather-proof design, fisheye camera lens, longer Wi-Fi range, optimized

video record rate, and leading-edge infrared illuminators provide an enormous

amount of video streaming power. This Doorbell Camera is hard-wired, which

makes it highly durable and low maintenance, an advantage that most other

doorbell cameras cannot claim.  

Powerful App Included
This Smart Doorbell Camera comes with a smartphone app, available for multiple users and devices. With the Doorbell Camera and the app, you’ll
never worry about receiving important packages when you’re not at home. Answer the door remotely and instruct the delivery person on your app.  View your activity log for added monitoring and security, and never miss an alert or an event.

Audio and Visual
Night Vision Infrared capabilities allow you to see who is at your door, even in darkness. With advanced motion detection capabilities, the Doorbell Camera can alert you to the presence of visitors before they even ring the doorbell.

Make Your House a Smart Home

              SEE                                                         TALK                                                        CONTROL                                             PEACE OF MIND

Check In Anytime From Anywhere

Delivering video and voice capabilities at your front door using a Smart app

to manage your security and home automation systems.

Virtual Keypad App Doorbell Support
The Virtual Keypad app ensures that you’ll be able to check in on your

home whenever you’d like. Any time motion is detected or the doorbell

is pressed, you’ll receive a notification and be able to monitor who’s

approaching with 1080P precise clarity, 180-degree field of view and

Pinch-to-Zoom technology for a closer look.

Never Miss Activity at Your Door
No matter where you are, you can see who’s at your door before opening it. Simply check your notifications and talk with visitors using two-way voice
communication. This lets you protect yourself and your family from inside while also keeping an eye on delivered packages and other belongings at your front steps while you’re away.

Premium Wi-Fi Signal Strength
The Video Doorbell works on the 2.4 GHz frequency band to ensure better penetration through concrete walls and other obstructions for premium Wi-Fi signal strength outside.

Onboard Storage for Video Clips
A pre-installed 16GB Micro SD Card allows for more than 2,000 stored video clips. They’re ready to view anytime and anywhere using the Virtual Keypad app. If your home’s Wi-Fi connection fails, the Video Doorbell will continue to function, and recorded clips are available once your Wi-Fi connection is restored.

Secure and Easy Wi-Fi Configuration Set-up
When you’re ready to begin using the Video Doorbell, your dealer offers professional installation. Once the doorbell is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can easily manage your doorbell’s Wi-Fi connectivity through the Virtual Keypad app, even if you change Wi-Fi networks.

Over-the-Air Automatic Firmware Updates
There’s no need for service appointments with your dealer to apply firmware updates; as new features are released, your Video Doorbell will update automatically.

Adjustable Camera Angles
Depending on your entrance layout, the optional Wedge accessories let you adjust the camera angle and customize the exact areas you’d want to be triggered any time motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed.

Comes with four interchangeable faceplate color options that are easy to install





Never Miss Another Visitor

Flexible & Expandable
Combines convenience, connectivity, and communication all into one battery-powered, easy to install bundle that functions with or without an ISP connection.


Provides a remote connection to a true wireless video intercom and door release system.


Smart Devices Compatible

Easy to deploy, flexible, expandable to multiple smart phones/tablets and multiple doors, and enhanced with extended range (from existing Wi-Fi network).

Easy System Expansion

An ideal video intercom system for residential, office environments, retail stores, and other commercial settings.

True Wireless Advantage
Can instantly offer an up-and-running video intercom system, compatible with smartphones & tablets through the interactive app, with a standard 2.4GHz router.  Different from traditional Wi-Fi dependent video doorbell systems, can function with or without an internet service provider connection, which reliably offers users all the advantages of a true wireless video intercom system, without the disadvantage of waiting for a network response.

Interactive App

View, monitor, and share with others on the network through any smartphones /tablets, or additional mobile stations, all from the convenient app. Videos recorded by the door station can be stored via cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, or with an SD card, without the need for contracts or monthly fees.

Easily Expandable

The system is fully expandable to accommodate multiple smartphones, tablets, and door stations, while a door unlocking functionality is available for all door stations and includes a chime capability on the Door Interface unit with selectable chime tones and volume.

​Multiple Applications

A & E Security and Electronic Solutions has been a part of the Willamette Valley for over 50 years, and we understand the needs of our community. Our systems are scalable and customizable to fit your unique situation.


To have a professional security team evaluate and put together a system to protect your home, loved ones and property, call Rena Lopez at (5 0 3) 8 8 3 - 4 1 3 1 or click the button below to send an email.