There are over 725 wineries in Oregon. That’s a lot of wine! And like any other

business, wineries need security systems to help keep their people, premises

and products safe.


At A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, we understand that wineries face

the same kinds of security risks that affect ranches and farms, with the added

complications that come with retail sales and public-facing areas. From

keeping an eye on crops to monitoring public areas, security systems help

Oregon wineries protect their business.


Baby Boomers and those over the age of 69 currently make up the largest portion

of wine consumers, but industry experts predict that Millennials will become the largest consumers of fine wines by the year 2026. These consumers will be making trips to visit wineries for years to come, increasing tasting room traffic and the need to keep your property safe.


Security Risks

In addition to the care and monitoring of crops, wine makers are usually also wine merchants, and have to

contend with all the security challenges that come with retail. This includes monitoring public areas,

keeping an eye on inventory and money, and guarding against employee theft, to name a few.


Due to the evolving digital space, cyber security is a concern, as an increasing amount of business is
conducted online and may leave databases containing client data vulnerable, not to mention other

proprietary information.

A Security System Can Help You

A security system can monitor vineyard perimeter and grounds, help keep an eye on crops, see who is coming and going in multiple buildings and help protect against fire and other hazards.


While there are a myriad of products to address every need, a sufficient system begins with five main components:

  1. Surveillance Cameras

  2. Intrusion Detection

  3. Environmental Sensors

  4. Building Access Control

  5. Monitoring

Surveillance Cameras

  • Having several security cameras provides:

  • A view of every area of the winery, from the outside in

  • Monitor customer traffic, even from mobile devices

  • Discourage shoplifting from public or retail areas

  • Provide documentation for fraud or insurance liability claims

Intrusion Detection

As expected, this equipment includes alarms on doors and glass break sensors on windows as well as custom solutions for any size operation and can:

  • Deter burglary or large-scale theft

  • Protect assets against vandalism

  • Keep non-public areas secure, especially those that may include complex and pricey machinery

  • Provide a safer working environment for employees, both in the field and behind the scenes


Environmental Sensors

Three essential controls are needed for the environment of a wine cellar—light, humidity, and temperature. Smart sensors can be installed to monitor these conditions:

  • Light sensors can be set at minimum exposures as wine is aging, depending on varietal

  • Humidity sensors can be placed and programmed to keep humidity at 70%

  • Thermostats can ensure storing temperature is 55*F

  • Alerts will ensure notification occurs with any fluctuation, allowing correction before any damage is done


Access Control

When properly implemented, access controls can:

  • Provide customized access for different employees based on their responsibilities

  • Restrict or allow access to certain areas for vendors, maintenance, etc.

  • Track who is coming and going, and who was where, when

  • Help to reduce employee theft and simplify employee turnover

  • Help deter trespassers or anyone who is up to no good


24/7 Monitoring

A security system works only as well as its monitoring is managed, and can deliver quality benefits:

  • Manage via one app on any Smart device

  • Authorities (and owners) are alerted immediately in the event of an incident

  • Observe the property in real-time, and obtain security updates whenever needed

  • Someone is always on guard, allowing the business to focus on what matters most

  • Many insurance companies require monitoring

A & E Security and Electronic Solutions has been a part of the Willamette Valley for over 50 years, and we understand the complex needs of your winery. Our systems are scalable and customizable to fit your unique situation.


To have a professional security team evaluate and put together a system to protect your crops, your people, your inventory, your premises and your intellectual property, call Rena Lopez at (5 0 3) 8 8 3 - 4 1 3 1 or click the button below to send an email.











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