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Understand what’s in the air you breathe can make your home safer than ever

Is Your Air Safe..?

Air pollution poses a threat to your health. According to the "State of the Air" 2022 report, more than 40% of Americans—over 137 million people—live in areas with failing ratings for harmful levels of particle pollution or ozone, despite decades of progress in eradicating the causes of air pollution. This indicates that safe air awareness is now necessary.


You need a device that can easily spot unhealthy levels of Radon, Particulate Matter that can irritate your lungs, or add to asthma conditions, CO2 levels, Humidity, Chemicals and Air Pressure changes

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Awareness is the beginning of the solution

Having a system that can tell you when you need to circulate air more, or change  your filters in your HVAC system or when to use higher levels of filtration, is your first step to living better.  Have your house constantly monitored for dangerous levels of Co2 or Radon, insure a safe living environment

Protect Yourself From


When your remote app is ELAN, you have all your smart things, remotely by a single touch.

When your air quality sensor detects too high of Co2, we can automatically turn on air circulation, or of particle matter gets too high, send you a message to replace filters.

Compete Control, home and away

The quotes.. delay the change longer, so you have time to read them.

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What Our Clients Say

Marilyn from McMinnville, Oregon

I’m new to using air quality sensors.  But now that I have them, I feel like I change the filters in my home, not based on a time basis from my thermostat, but rather based on when I see particulates increase from my sensor.  When the level of particulates gets higher than I like, the app notifies me so that I can change the filters in my HVAC system.  WOW what a difference that made.

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