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Commercial Networking and WiFI

Commercial Networking and WiFI

Great WiFi – A Strong Networks  - Security First
A great network starts with a great design
Commercial networks need to be designed to support several important fundamentals:

  • High internet speeds, and large backbones to make your technologies work as fast as possible

  • Utilize No-Trust design principals to prevent network intrusion, and mitigate infection within your network

  • Safely support strong and full WiFi Coverage for mobile guest and mobile business needs

  • Allow for safe remote access by staff and vendors

  • Provide ongoing monitoring and notification of your network

Security First

Network Security is vital to your success. If you have an intrusion on your network and the result is loss of data, hijacking of your servers and ransomware of your computers, you are out of business. We provide routers that are secure and design practices that prevent the ability of intrusion.  Do you know the average router gets over 500 attempts a day of a remote login attempt? We understand how to protect your network.

By utilizing No Trust design techniques we insure that users attached to your network get access to no more of that network than you want them to have access to.
Full Bandwidth Now. More For the Future
We design and wire utilizing that latest standards and best practices to insure that you have all the bandwidth you need today, and wiring, and certifying to prove that your network can go faster In the future.

When designing your WiFi, we can insure, full coverage as well as fast coverage, and bandwidth shaping to insure that guest do not consume all of your business network.
Full Bandwidth.png
Safe Remote Access
Have workers who work remote?  Have vendors who want access to their equipment?

We provide safe, and secure certificated VPN connections to your networks. This access is managed like an door access control system. You decide, WHEN they have access, WHERE they have access, and WHAT they can access.
Staffer or Vendor gone? No worries, simply revoke their rights and their access goes away.

Monitoring and Notification

We understand that critical systems are important to keep running.  That is more than your ISP.  Most clients want a backup internet provider, as well as real-time notifications when primary or secondary internet is out, or restored, if critical services, like your credit card processor, cloud accounting system, or critical systems are offline so you can react quickly.

Take Control


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