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Having Awareness of Your Air Quality is The First Step to Breathing and Living Better

Installing air quality sensors in your home will make you more aware, and allow you to improve air quality and health in your home



Calm tech display

Customizable display and wave function for more info

Power usage

Power save mode for battery lifetime up to 2 years, or plug in with USB

Hub functionality

Use View Plus as a Hub and expand your system and bring additional monitors online


App / dashboard

App and online dashboard with graphs, notifications and insights

Wifi connected / wireless

See your data anytime, anywhere

Smart home integrations

Integrate your air quality sensor with your smart home app, for awareness with other systems in your home


Keep Your Family Safe and Secure


  • Yamhill County

  • Polk County

  • Lincoln County

  • Marion County

  • Clatsop County

  • Deschutes County


Marilyn from McMinnville, Oregon

I’m new to using air quality sensors.  But now that I have them, I feel like I change the filters in my home, not based on a time basis from my thermostat, but rather based on when I see particulates increase from my sensor.  When the level of particulates gets higher than I like, the app notifies me so that I can change the filters in my HVAC system.  WOW what a difference that made.
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A&E was founded in 1968 by Ronald Elsberry, a McMinnville drafting and engineering teacher. The business originally operated out of a building located on the Elsberry property.

Now as a 2nd generation owner, with Michael Elsberry, as the principally trained engineer, leads A & E to be one of the regions premier security, technology and integration companies.

In each category we serve:  Automation , Lighting, Shades, Security, Fire, Access Control, Surveillance Cameras, IP Phone Systems & Intercom, Wifi and Networking Infrastructure, Safes and Physical Security, we represent the top companies, and are regionally and nationally recognized as one of the top providers for Oregon.


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