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XSTREAM Audio Systems

As one of the first companies to focus on multi-room distributed audio products to make more enjoyable homes, commercial properties and outdoor spaces. Russound has long been a favorite of audio installation professionals looking for the products and technology needed for today's demanding audio needs.


As one of the pioneers in bringing streaming audio to the luxury home market, Russound has long recognized the key features that make this technology both easy to use and enjoyable. That’s why every one of our XStream Series of products has built-in support for Apple AirPlay and supports true hi-res audio (24-bit/192kHz) for the best possible audio fidelity. And of course, Russound supports the most popular streaming services in the market today. Optional keypads and touchscreens allow for quick, seamless control from anywhere in the home, and of course you can always use our iOS or Android app for full control of any room, too. The unique XStream Series of products is designed to work in an area as small as a single room to up to as many as sixteen rooms.


One of the core components that can be used to distribute your favorite music around your home is known as a controller. It’s a device that is part multi-channel amplifier, part advanced audio matrix, and part device control system. In other words, it’s the box that all of your favorite audio sources get connected to. It’s smart enough not only to handle playing your music around your home, but also to send the proper commands to turn them all on and off, to play or pause them, to skip forwards or backwards, or to change tracks, stations, etc. Russound offers three different controller types ranging from our advanced MCA-Series, to the intermediate level CAA-Series products down to our easy-to-use entry-level CA4 system.


Russound's Series of In-ceiling/In-wall speakers offers a great selection of models to meet your needs.  From basic audio distribution where background audio is the goal, to main listening areas of the home where high fidelity sound reproduction is the goal, Russound has the right models to meet your needs.

  • Designer aesthetics

  • Superior sound

  • Exceptional reliability with lifetime warranties

  • Easy installation

  • Low profile design for installation in more locations

  • Square grilles available for more interior design options


At home in the outdoors, Russound’s OutBack Speakers are perfect for patios, pools, porches, decks, and backyards. Relax in a lawn chair or tend your garden while enjoying your favorite tunes in the fresh air. Carefully designed to resemble natural rock, OutBack Rock Speakers blend into your lawn or garden surroundings. Available in granite, weathered granite, or sandstone, each speaker’s durable waterproof enclosure is environmentally tested and optimized for superior outdoor audio performance.


Alexa is the latest addition to the many different control options available for Russound audio systems, adding to our in-wall keypads and touchscreens and supplementing the versatile MyRussound app for iOS and Android.  

  • Volume Control (Turn Volume Up, Down, Mute, or set a specific volume level directly)

  • Zone On/Off

  • Play/Pause Music

  • Next/Previous Track

  • Play a Favorite

  • Turn Shuffle On/Off

  • Turn Repeat On/Off

  • Select Source Inputs

  • Adjust audio settings (bass, treble, loudness)

  • Like/Dislike a song (For compatible streaming sources)

Once the Alexa integration has been configured, all you have to do is download the following skills on your Alexa app:

  • Russound Smart Home Skill

  • Russound Control Skill

Please contact us at 877.472.6439 to add voice control with Amazon Alexa to your Russound system. 

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