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The perfect sound, all out of sight

Enjoy the full range of sound that the artist intended in any room and hardly notice speakers are even there.  Can you see the speakers in the ceiling?

Fun fact: In-wall and In-Ceiling Speakers can even be painted over to match the exact décor and color of your room.

Streaming Solutions

Love your streaming music, but want to hear it in better fidelity? No worries, we support all the streaming services, and can let you hear that music from great speakers, in HD audio quality 


Fun fact: Did you know that over 40% of speakers people listen to, like an Amazon echo, Sonos, or another small-format wireless speaker, produces a fraction of the sound that a wired professional speaker can provide?

Take your great sound 

Doing on-Wall Speakers on your home, or adding a rock or other landscape speakers brings your outdoor sound to a whole new level of great sound.

Alexa Integration

Alexa is the latest addition to the many different control options available.  Once your music is working, Alexa is a nice way to easily change your genres, artist or station of music.

outdoor rock speaker.jpeg

Control your entire home with a single tap

Powered by your smart home controller, you home whole house audio system can work with your other smart devices to create more home awareness.  Integrate your TV rooms, Thermostat, Alarms, Lighting to name few.

Have the convivence of one-app control of your home, to easily turn your entire home off when going to bed, or leaving the house.


The protection of notification when you have left something on, or your home is entered, or the temperature is too high


Live more comfortably – travel more confidently. or low.

elan single tap.png

Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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