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Governmental Security can be more than your basic intrusion alarm.

Smart Security today, can be your basic intrusion alarm, but you can easily add;


  • Access Control Lockdown Systems

  • Environmental Temperature  Detection

  • Water and Leak DetectionEmergency Alarms

  • Panic AlarHoldup AlarmsShooter Detection

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Very quickly, your smart security system can become the platform for all sorts of security related additions and integrations with your alarm.

The 3 most common additions to the business security system

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Access Control

It is really common to integrate with your Access Control Systems.  Support Threat Level functions, Door Lockdown Systems, Text notifications, Card+Pin access to restricted areas, Escorted and dual authority access


Having a camera system that can be apart of your security app makes lots of sense, as other security related events of card access, a door or motion alarm, panic alarm, etc, and cross awareness, make your total security system more valuable

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Video Doorbell for Government

Having a video doorbell so that you can leave your nonpublic doors more secure that also integrates with your security and access app, mitigates personnel and improves security.

Bring it all together

While your alarm system is the center of keeping your business safe; having your alarm be apart of a larger security consideration and automation strategy to make your place safer, run more efficiently and save money, makes total business sense.

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Take Control


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