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The consideration of a smart doorbell is a great start to better home awareness, and better security.

There are challenges to finding not only the right doorbell, but selecting one that can upgrade to a richer experience, as you grow your ecosystem of smart devices within your home.

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Start Smart

If you think the doorbell is going to be the beginning and end of your smart home, there are plenty of choices that range from cost-effective and no monthly service fees, to small services fees for remote access and cloud recording, analytics, and notifications.  Most can notify you in-app.  Some can even ring your telephone, like a traditional phone call.  We can help you select the right doorbell for your door or gate application.

More integration.  Better home awareness

Many start directly with this level of a doorbell.  These are offered as a cloud service, with minimal monthly fees for remote access, cloud video storage, and analytics.  They also can integrate and a single app experience with other smart devices in your home, and can work directly with them.  Meaning, that while you are talking to someone on your app, you can unlock your front door, turn off the alarm, and turn on lights for the person at the doorbell.

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Bring it all together

Many want the best of all worlds, but pay no ongoing monthly fees.  When you do an ELAN Doorbell, you get the world, with a great doorbell, multiple callers notified when pressed, notifications, video recordings, and awareness of other systems in your home.

Have a larger home, or multiple entrances?  Elan allows you to present the sounds (ding-dong), of your doorbell via music speakers in your home.  That way you never miss hearing there is someone at the door.  You can even have a video/voice experience with the front door while home from any touchscreen in the home.

Elan.  Your home, Your way.


Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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