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Make Your Home More Usable & Attractive By Making It a Smart Home

Our partnership with Lutron means we can create the perfect lighting system for any home.

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Power Your Home With Smart Technology

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Light Saving

With one touch controls for everything, this "tunable" light produces high quality white, pastels, and intense colours to enliven any room.

Our lighting systems can be controlled via a variety of devices and interfaces, such as infrared remote controls, wireless tabletop controllers, smartphone apps, or even an astronomical time clock for automated adjustment.

Control From Anywhere

When your remote app is ELAN, you have all your smart things, remotely with a single touch.


Do you ever hate that the mobile app experience is the same as your computer's interface, if have wall, or desk controls they are different too?


When using ELAN, you get the same experience on a wall station, desk station, remote, tablet, or mobile phone.


Compete Control, home and away

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Check Activities 24*7 

See what’s happening at your house. Anytime, from anywhere.

See it real time, and get instant alerts with smart clip capture.  Check up on your kids, your pets and your valuables.  And see what is happening during an alarm event, if you have your smart alarm integrated with your video.

Alarm System

When you include an ELAN controller, as your security system, you can have a single app for everything in your home 

Automations and notifications at this level are virtually limitless.  

Be notified if a window is open and the AC gets turned on.  Tell Alexa goodnight, and have your lights turn off, night security mode turned on, set the night temperature, and lock your doors.

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Smart Garage Door Open

Before acquiring a new garage opener, find out if you can add a low cost module that allows your garage door to be app controlled.
There are several brands that do this very well.  Your garage door works, as it does now, plus the added value of an app to remotely open, or close them.
This simple update can allow you to accept deliveries remotely, rather than risk a package being stolen from your door step.

Music System

Have small private rooms, tasting rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms or other intimate spaces. Sound systems understand that each element of your business may need to be playing different content and different volume levels to make each space shine for itself

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Door Security

The consideration of a smart doorbell is a great start to better home awareness, and better security.

There are challenges to finding not only the right doorbell but selecting one that can upgrade to a richer experience, as you grow your ecosystem of smart devices within your home.

And More...

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Marilyn from McMinnville, Oregon

I’ve had smart lighting since the beginning:  X-10, Zigbee, and Zwave.  Those were nice, but after I became exposed to Lutron, my world changed.  Lutron was simply a step up in quality of performance and integration.  Things worked and worked well with Lutron.  No missed signals, no flickering, just rock-solid performance.  My only regret?  I didn’t find A & E and Lutron sooner.
A & E, you rock. Thanks for my amazing lighting system.
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A&E was founded in 1968 by Ronald Elsberry, a McMinnville drafting and engineering teacher. The business originally operated out of a building located on the Elsberry property.

Now as a 2nd generation owner, with Michael Elsberry, as the principally trained engineer, leads A & E to be one of the regions premier security, technology and integration companies.

In each category we serve:  Automation , Lighting, Shades, Security, Fire, Access Control, Surveillance Cameras, IP Phone Systems & Intercom, Wifi and Networking Infrastructure, Safes and Physical Security, we represent the top companies, and are regionally and nationally recognized as one of the top providers for Oregon.


Take Control


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