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Having great quality surveillance video is must in today’s Video Surveillance System.

Regardless of your need is general property surveillance, monitoring people movement, theft, License Plate and vehicle detection, door intercom, alarm video verification, people counting, critical monitoring of cash transactions, or returns, we have the right cameras, and systems to provide you this protection.

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High quality cameras and systems to not need to be expensive, or intrusive to your organization. 

We have cameras of all shapes, sizes, resolutions, wide range, long range, and cameras specifically suited to night vision.

Utilizing the right camera, for each location is very important.  We understand that if one camera could work for every need, how much easier that would be.  But getting the right camera for the job, is the difference between seeing the detail you want, when you need it.

Have an older analog (coax) wired system.  This can be good news, as there are easy upgrades to High-Definition cameras utilizing existing Coax, Telephone or older CAT cables.

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Having the ability to see, anytime, from anywhere is also important.  Mobile viewing is easy and can provide you with critical data when you need it. 

Adding push notifications of specific threats is important so you know when direct viewing is needed.  A person 5-feet from your car or building is no threat.  Having the person within 1-foot of your car or building is.  Being notified with a picture of two when these events happen will help you be more aware of your environment.

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People entering critical rooms, like server rooms, cash rooms, or other critical spaces is also a good reason to get push notifications.

Are you required to comply with specific insurance, NDAA, regulatory, storage retention, or other specific requirements?  No worries.  We represent some of the largest, global video players: Bosch, Lenel-S2, Milestone and Genetec.  We can help you install comply with most all requirements, including connection to other regional, national or global sites.

Not sure about Cloud vs Premise Systems?  We can help you analyze which solution is right for your situation.  Your internet and available bandwidth, availability, and redundancy all play a role in determining your best option.


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