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Want to start stand alone. 
Start Smart.

Be careful to not purchase a smart thermostat that is a dead-end.  Many brands do not integrate with others, or their integration is very minimal.  Purchase a smart thermostat that can start as a stand-alone unit with its own smart app, but can grow and integrate with more comprehensive smart home systems.

Also features matter.  Make sure it supports schedules, remote temperature probes, warm, cool and automatic schedules.

Need help finding your smart thermostat.  No worries.  We can help!

A_Smart Thermostat.jpg

Life Safe.  Live Well.

The next step will be to integrate your smart thermostat with other smart devices within your home.  Typically the easiest, most cost-effective, and way to save the most money is to integrate with a small home controller. Typically a smart alarm system.  This way, when you are away, your smart security system knows to turn off lights, set temperature up or down, depending on the season, and lock your doors.ality 


We can even notify you if you left a door open, or left a garage door open.

This is your first step in smart home controls.

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Extra Protection for You and Your Home

Saving energy is just the start.  Integrate your thermostat to work as a part of an entire home system that keeps you one step ahead of home emergencies

Fire Protection • Leaks and Flooding • Doors Left Open or Unlocked • Garage Doors Left Open • Surveillance Cameras and Smart Doorbells

Bring it all together

When you add your smart thermostat into your ELAN home automation system, your awareness of other smart devices comes to a whole new level.

When you leave your home, you now can turn off any TV’s, Sound Systems, set the temperature, lock your doors, arm the alarm, turn off lights and close shades.

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Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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