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Not everyone feels the need for professional monitoring, or what you are wanting to monitor isn’t of such a critical nature that it requires immediate attention.

Self-Monitoring is perfect if you simply are wanting to know if a package has been delivered to your porch, or you are wanting to know if the power has gone out at home, or if a battery is in need of being replaced.

These notifications, are helpful and can be tended to in a non-critical time frame.

So if you are on a plane, driving in areas with bad cell reception, at dinner, or simply choosing to be disconnected.  These types of notifications are important, but not critical to address immediately.

A nest smoke detector, that tries to text you that you house is burning down, while you are out of cell service, or on an airplane, is not the right kind of thing do attempt with self-monitoring.

Professional Monitoring

Many systems, like fire alarm systems, medical alert systems, fire sprinkler systems are required by regulation to be professionally monitored by a Central Stations, approved by UL.

A Central Station creates pre-determined protocols to address many situations that could arise in your home that are critical to addressing, even when you are unable to be contacted.

Such as:


An active burglar alarm that is detecting unauthorized people moving within your home


Your HVAC Thermostat has detected too low of a temperature, and there is a critical need to get your heat turned on to prevent frozen water pipes


A Fire has been detected in your home


A medical panic button has been pressed


A water faucet has broken and water damage is occurring.

Professional Monitoring ensures that contact, which could be to the Police, Fire, Ambulance, Sheriff, as well as trusted friends or family members, including you, is made of these and any other critical matters so that even when you are unable to be reached, your property and possession are being monitored and watched out for by our staff 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

In many cases, self-monitoring and professional monitoring work together, so that if something as simple as a battery needs replacing at 3 am, we can notify you of that by email, or text, and allow you to sleep, vs, a fire is detected at 3am, and we need to notify the fire department and dispatch them, as well as contact you and your neighbors to insure we move rapidly to protect life and property.

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Benefits of Monitoring


Receive notifications in real time.


Let’s us help you create a plan of action, when you are not available to address critical issues.



Insurance Discounts.  Many insurance companies provide a discount on your annual premiums for property and/or contents with an active, monitored system.  We can provide you with a Certificate of Installation to provide to your insurance company to obtain these discounts.


Discounts for paying Annually


Discounts when you become a Senior


Discounts for being a Non-Profit

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Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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