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See what’s happening at your house. Anytime, from anywhere.

See it real time, and get instant alerts with smart clip capture.  Check up on your kids, your pets and your valuables.  And see what is happening during an alarm event, if you have your smart alarm integrated with your video.

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Watch live video from your property from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Anytime, anywhere

Worried about wires?  No worries.  We have wireless camera options to mitigate the amount of wiring needed to add video surveillance to your home.

Cameras come in a variety of form factors, and offer features of day/night, audio and analytics capabilities

Get Smarter Cameras

Be notified when packages get left at the front door

Be notified when people appear in critical areas

Be notified, or not, of cute animals on your property

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Bring it all together

Want one app that does your video system, alarm, lighting, shades, garage doors, locks and more.  Using an ELAN control system brings all the smart devices in your home onto a single platform, with no monthly fees.

Take your home to the next level

Be notified when a door is left open, or a person comes to your home, or be alerted when the door bell is pressed. Elan allows us to custom create your level of awareness.


Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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