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The smartphone/app interface offers, speed, ease of use and greater control with the ability to share access; with keyless convenience.

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A smarter way to store a backup key

Many find a level of comfort keeping a spare key hidden outside so that if you lose your keys, can’t find them, or need to let a family member into your house, there is a spare key hidden away.

The trouble is if that key is not secured properly, that spare key can help a thief can easily access your home.

Starting with a mechanical key safe is a smart way to go.  This can be easily and safely installed on your home to store an extra key.  The code is easily set, and easy to change.

An Electronic Keybox

Doing an electronic key box is a smarter approach.  This way you can via your app, manage your codes for your box, give one-time use codes for family and vendors, and remotely open a box.

Bring it all together.jpeg

Eliminate keys all together

A smart lock makes it easy to give and revoke access to your home, without having to compromise your security. You get to ditch those spare keys, including the one under the planter on the patio. Get extra convenience and awareness with a smart lock.

Traditional estate hardware to sleek and modern. Handsets or deadbolts, smart locks come in a variety of styles and finishes to match the look and feel of your home.


Take Control


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