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Solution for Restaurants and Bars

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Smart Security

Your investment is your life.  Protecting  your investment from intrusion, vandalism is vitally important.  Also having notification of when the crew opens the business, and when they close the business is your best defense again overtime abuse, and food, and alcohol shrinkage.

Also being notified when the alarm has not yet been set, alerts you of the late night parties going on, at  your expense.

Access Control

Ditch the key.  Easily control who has access to your business and when they have access.  Adding an access door for  your critical areas:  Off Hours Delivery Door, Employee Entrance Door, and Publc Doors, makes controlling and automating your business easier.

Have the ease of when an approved card holder swipes a door, that it opens the door, and disarms the alarm, and perhaps sends  you a text message of who open the door, and when.

Be able to buzz someone through the door from anywhere via app.


Entry and Delivery Door Bell

Entry and Delivery Entry and Delivery Doorbell

Keep you facility secure by not leaving the delivery entrance propped open.  This creates both a health and safety risk.

Have the ability to see who is there, speak to them, and buzz them in. 

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Lighting Control

Having amazing lighting that you control the lighting levels will insure a quality customer experience.  Lighting should change based on the time of day to set perfect light levels for  your client experience

Having keypads at strategic locations and simple buttons for OPEN, LUNCH, AFTERNOON, DINNER, EVENING, CLEANING and LEAVING insure that the scene and light levels are perfect everytime.

Smart Shades

When your customer has to ask you to lower that shades as the sun is beating on them, or the sun is making a table uninviting.

Having automated shades insures the shades are covering the sun, automatically, always making your space inviting and comfortable.

At the end of the day, managing manual shades is time, money and training that none of us have time for.

Automate your shades for a better customer experience.

Resturant Shades.jpg

Surveillance Cameras

Being able to keep an eye on things, while you are away, or from your office is important.

Having the ability to monitor staff to client levels, service levels, and protect against slip and falls, thefts and other activities are all important issues to monitor and record.

Being able to retrieve a past incident for the Police,  insurance claim, employee claim of slip and fall may be the difference between paying out or documenting that you did nothing wrong, or being able to capture a thief.

Cameras are more than a deterrent, they are a critical tool to help manage your business.


Climate Control

Having the ability to control all your thermostats from a single app, is the way to go.

Being able to set the temperature based on time of day, makes your client experience all the better.

Based on specific weather conditions, you can always adjust as needed.

Programming thermostats the old way is simply too painful, too expensive and requires too much training and time.

Get Smart and take control of your thermostats and improve your client experience


Set the mood with the right music at the right volumes.  Play different genres of music in different areas.

Utilize streaming services to have access to thousands of songs, and artists.

A good sound systems insures clients have great background music but not so much they cant hear each other.

Make your system perfect with great audio.



TV’s are a great way to keep your clients entertained.  In some cases, like a sports bar, TV’s are critical to your success.

Having a distributed system where the wires are hidden, and control is from an app, is better than TV remotes floating around and cant be found, or the sound is coming from the TV, instead of being silent, or going into the areas sound system.

Make TV’s a hot item in your facility rather than a distraction with wires showing and set top box nearby.

Having your facility look classy is part of the client experience and margins you can enjoy.

Media and Presentation Rooms

Regardless of how small or large, simple or elaborate your meeting space is; having a simple and easy-to-use audio and video system is important to your client experience.


Allow a computer, ipad, or mobile phone to present to TV’s or Screens.  Allow microphones to present to  your speaker system.


Help us make the perfect meeting room to attract groups to your facility

Telephone Systems.jpg

IP Telephone Systems

If your phone system is still not IP based, then you are spending more per month than you should.


If you have multiple locations, doing a campus style phone system, is even a smarter way to go.


Many Restaurants and Bars utilize an automated phone system to provide hours, directions, and links to online reservation systems, etc.


Doing a smarter communication system is the way to improve communications with your customers.

Networking and Great WiFi

Having great wifi for your clients is a must.  Having wifi for your clients, should not mean a sacrifice to your business needs.


Having a network that gives your business priority, while giving good wifi is valuable.


Protecting clients away from your business, or your ordering and credit card processing system is critical.


If you lose internet, does it close you down?  We can help you with creating a cost effective backup ISP option with automatic failover to insure you keep processing orders and revenue, all the time.

Networking and Great WiFi.jpg

Fire and Sprinkler Systems

Depending on the size of your facility, having a fire alarm may be a required.


We know fire codes, and can help you design the most cost effective way to be complaint.

Door Hardware

We understand building codes, and electrical codes.  In places where you want electronic hardware, now or in the future, we can provide the right door hardware that will accommodate these needs in the most economical way.


In places you need simply traditional door hardware, we can insure perfect design and decor matches with your other hardware choices, and insure the right hardware to comply with building codes.


Door hardware is some of the most handled elements in your business.  Choose quality and elegant hardware to provide the best finishing touches to your experience.

Door Hardware.jpg


Making your business smarter just makes sense.  Automating lights, temperature, shades, TV’s, Music, doors locking, and unlocking, all improve your clients experience by being consistent in your offering.


Automating is also a good way to reduce employee training and insuring your business works regardless of how much experience your staff has.


Improve your customer experience.  Lets us help you automate your business.


Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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