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The ultimate control of your smart home is your ability to see and control things while away.

have you been frustrated that while away, you don't have remote control of your devices? do you have some smart devices now, but they don't work reliability while away?

When you step up to professionally installed home controllers, you enter a world where things are designed to be rliable, and we design your system to be fully remotely controllable.

This starts with good design of your network, cyber security, and choosing the right home controller.

There is where we can help

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When your remote app is ELAN, you have all your smart things, remotely by a single touch.


Do you ever hate that the mobile app experience is the same as your computer's interface, if have a wall, or desk controls they are different too?


When using ELAN, you get the same experience on a wall station, desk station, remote, tablet, or mobile phone.


Compete Control, home and away

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Take Control


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