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Some of the most exhilarating surround sound rooms are not just found at the Theater.  You can bring the big screen and the big sound to your Home Theater Room.

We get asked all the time, what is the difference between a Theater Room, vs a Media Room?

There are subtle differences

Theater Rooms, typically, but not always, select a screen and projector, rather than a conventional TV.  Assizes of TVs get larger, and more cost-effective, for smaller theater rooms, at larger TV’s may be used.

Theater Rooms, typically, but not always, include more surround sound speakers, as well as sub-woofers.  Typical surround-sound designs of 5.1, 7.1, 7.2, 9.1, 9.2, and 11.2 are used in theater rooms, and especially larger theater rooms to create the full surround sound experience.

Media Rooms, typically, but not always, include more basic sound, or smaller versions of surround sound, like 3.1 or 5.1, or no surround sound at all.

Media rooms are typically multi-purpose rooms, like a living rooms, family rooms, or TV rooms, that are not considered moving watching dedicated spaces.

More care is given in Theater rooms, to surround sound design, lighting, seating and other features to bring the Theater experience to life.

More interested in a Media Room?, click here.


Choose the right screen and projector is important.  Making the determination of screen size, and format will be an important discussion, as well as projector location.

When your viewing size is greater than 8-feet, then screens and projects are your best choice

With great technology, there are lots of options for choosing which screen and which projector best bring your room to life.

3 Screens and Projectors.jpeg

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Powerful receivers to integrate all your viewing and entertainment devices. Enjoy your favorite movies and shows with the latest audio and video technologiesfor the most immersive home theater experience.

Deciding on which receiver, based on the room's best surround sound experience further adds to your home theater wow.

Theater Header Picture.jpeg


Speakers with award-winning performance, squeeze every drop of audio drama from your favorite films, television shows, music and games, immersing you in the cinematic soundscape. Surround systems, discreet ceiling mounted speakers and, in-wall side channel speakers bring the movie theater sound home. Outdoor speakers bring your to the patio or deck for summer enjoyment.

Choosing the right speakers, and colors to ensure the big sound is where you want it, without the speaker hardly being noticed, or seen will make your theater room all the more elegant.

Fun Fact:  A great design in your theater room, will virtually hide your beautiful speakers.

Speaker Design.jpeg
Elan Controls.jpeg


We hear from clients all the time that they love their theater room, but hate how complicated they can be.  When you add your ELAN control system to your theater room, simplicity goes to a whole new level, with control from your app, touchscreen, Alexa, or physical remote.

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