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GPS Enabled Medical Alert Smartwatch

The Reemo Samsung Medical Alert and Smartwatch provides help at the push of a button even while out shopping, walking the dog, or on vacation. Users can monitor their heart rate, keep track of their steps (just like a pedometer) and receive health alerts via the Reemo mobile health platform. Caregivers and family members can access location and view health alerts online.


The configured smartwatch is provided ready-to-use. There is no need to pair it with a phone, or Wi-Fi, and the data plan is included in the service. A simple registration process offers the option to share activity data with a personal connection such as a family member or other caregiver.

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Great built-in features include:

  • Bright, easy to read display

  • Built-in cellular connection

  • Touchscreen

  • Rotating bezel

  • Speakerphone

  • GPS location Tracking

  • Accelerometer

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Reemo’s online dashboard makes it easy to manage your health data and securely share it with your support network. How you use connections is up to you. You can give access to specific family and caregivers so they have remote visibility, giving them a non-intrusive way to see how you’re doing. Knowing how you are, and that you have help and support 24/7 will give them peace of mind. Share access with your supporters, caregivers, doctors, or healthcare providers. The choice is yours!

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Healthcare organizations that use the Reemo Smartwatch and the Healthy Aging Platform can access data and analytics via existing workflows and dashboards. The Platform allows for the collection of important health risk information such as social isolation, depression, falls, and more. These health indicators combined with the smartwatch’s data set – including alerts, steps, heart rate, and location – provide a comprehensive view of the individual and facilitate proactive care for members.

The Healthy Aging Platform improves well being, lowers health risks, and helps prevent avoidable and costly healthcare claims.

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Contact us to learn about our special program and pricing for healthcare organizations.

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Individuals with limited mobility may be better suited for a non-GPS tracking medical alert device. These devices will only work within the home or residential care facility and can be programmed to alert outside emergency personnel or internal care employees. Devices can be used independently or incorporated into a nurse call system.

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