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Why Great WiFi is important

If Maslow was alive he would have included WiFi in his hierarchy of needs

For most families, the home network and WiFi are as important as hot and cold running water.  It’s right up there with food and shelter as a primary need nowadays. More so if you have children of any age. Can hear your children’s screams when the internet drops out or it’s turned off. home.

For most households WiFi is provided by the free cable modem/router combo stuffed into some obscure corner of the house, and if you are really lucky it might be located somewhere close to your entertainment equipment so you can enjoy all these new streaming TV services. 

Over the last 5 years, we have also had explosive growth in the number of devices (TV’s, media streaming boxes (Apple TV’s, Roku’s), smart speakers, tablets, iPads, phones, laptops, doorbells, cameras, etc) that want to connect to WiFi and our home networks. Which has lead most families down a path of trying to find a way to get WiFi into the far-flung reaches of the house that was not even a consideration 5 years ago?

Now if you live in a house that is a 1000sqf or smaller then this is not an issue unless there is lots of concrete or block in the dividing walls between rooms that can be common in some modern condos. Now if you live in a house 2500sqf or larger then you have experienced this.


Like it or not the home network is here to stay and WiFi is not going away anytime soon.

The home network, wired and wireless (WiFi), is the foundation element of a home’s entertainment needs now, as well as the platform of any smart home goodies you may already have, or you may want to add later.  Your entertainment enjoyment is tied to this. No one wants to watch a stuttering movie or get the spinning the wheel of death when trying to listen or watch something. And it’s not that easy or in some cases practical to move the TV a little to the left as the signal was stronger there the other day.  

You want a great network, including great WiFi.. Let us help you design and maintain your network for your best technology success.

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