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Commercial Networking and WiFI

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What does it mean?
When you think about today’s business and all the things needed to arrive, prepare, open and run your business every day;  the time, training and effort it takes to do repeated these steps every day.
  • Turn Alarm Off
  • Set Temperature
  • Turn on Lights
  1. Set ALL Lights to 100% On
  • Set ALL Lights to 100% On
  • Unlock Retail Doors
  • Set Lighting to open
  • Open the Shades
  • Turn on the Background Music
  • Set Temperature
  • Change Music Selection
  • Change Temperature
  • Set Lighting to Evening
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  • Look Doors
  • Turn On Lights to Cleaning
  • Turn On Alarm
  • Turn Off Lights
  • Turn Off Music
  • Set Temperature
  • Lower Shades

What if all these tasks could be done by the simple press of a button, or done automatically, based on when the alarm is disarmed or armed, or time of day?

Automation is the way you can train someone to run your business, who has minimal training and get it right, every day, every time.

Temperature is set the way you want 

Light are always set to the perfect mood


Take control.  Contact us now!


Take Control


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