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Set the perfect mood, on time, every time

If you run a Winery Tasting Room, Bar, Restaurant, Art Gallery, or other elevated experience location, well-designed lighting can make all the difference to your client's experience.

Designing Smart with easy to use controls, automation rules can ensure the mood is right every day, every night, and for every experience

Smart Lighting for Conference Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Multimedia, and other special office spaces.

Have a classroom, Zoom Room, Huddle Spaces, Conference Room, or other spaces that need smart lighting to control light levels, shades, and other elements to make the effectiveness of your space perfect every time.


Smart Lighting for Tennent Spaces

We hear landlords and tenants complain about the high cost of Tenant improvements, especially in lighting.

You can now design with smart light fixtures and utilize wireless light switches where relationships to light switches and lights are all simply programming changes.

Investing in good design, pays you back over and over, and makes it more cost effective to do TI projects.

conf room 1.jpg
conf room 4.jpg
conf room 2.jpg

Energy Savings.

No use of lighting spaces that have no bodies.  It is also smart to close shades in offices that have no one there.

Use your technology to make your business run smart, and at lower costs.

Engraved Keypads make the use of lighting simple.  And creating the perfect scene means the lighting is just right for cooking, cleaning, entertaining, watching your favorite movie or reading a book.

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Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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