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Design Right

The most common way we create mood, ambiance, and inspire you with lighting is by creating layers of lighting to work with.

Utilizing one of our lighting experts, we can help you design your important spaces to have the right light, in the right places to make your room more functional, stand out, and easy to create the perfect mood every time.

Good Lighting Layers Example.jpg
Lighting Layers.jpg

Design for Simplicity and Elegance

Smart Lighting and Smart Controls are a key

Doing a great modern design, the old way means banks of light switches everywhere. Doing smart light switches and keypads keeps the use of your lighting system clean and easy to use.

Engraved Keypads make the use of lighting simple.  And creating the perfect scene means the lighting is just right for cooking, cleaning, entertaining, watching your favorite movie or reading a book.


Bring it all together with the elegance of awareness

Smart moves to a higher level when you utilize an ELAN control system and app to bring it all together.  If we see your alarm is turned on, we are smart enough to know it's time to turn off the lights, close shades, and lock your doors.

It is also easy to let your lighting improve your security by always insure your outdoor lights are turned on at dusk every day and remain on until you go to bed.

Lutron App.jpg
Single App Picture.jpg
Alarm.COM Control App.png

Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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