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Commercial Security can be more than your basic intrusion alarm.

Smart Security today, can be your basic intrusion alarm, but you can easily add;


  • Fire Detestation

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection

  • Water and Leak Detection

  • Emergency Alarms

  • Panic Alarms

  • Holdup Alarms


Using a smart security platform, you can easily integration wireless door locks, wired door access systems, and integrate Video Surveillance Cameras.

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Bring it all together

When you include an ELAN controller, as your security system, you can have a single app for everything in your home: 

Automations and notifications at this level are virtually limitless.  

Be notified if a window is open and the AC gets turned on.  Tell Alexa goodnight, and have your lights turned off, night security mode turned on, set the night temperature, and lock your doors.

Elan Screen.jpeg

Take Control


Contact US to get started taking total control of your home

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