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With all of the activities going on in the home, sometimes it’s difficult to communicate to the whole family. You don’t want to strain your voice, but you don’t want to go unheard either.  With a residential intercom system you can easily communicate to any room in your home.

Have peace of mind that you can easily monitor a child’s room or stay within earshot of any family member no matter where you are in the house. Bring more security to your home with intercom features that allow you to screen visitors and to answer your door from anywhere in your home.

We offer multiple Intercom systems which can be designed and customized to fit your lifestyle. 

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With two-way audio and video, plus awesome away-from-home features, ELAN Intercom dramatically changes how you communicate with the world.



Fully featured intercom and paging system whether you are home or away.

One-to-One and One-to-Many communication between ELAN interfaces and g!Mobile devices.

Converse between SIP-based door station and any ELAN interface, both inside the home and remotely, while away on your g!Mobile app.

Receive notifications on your mobile device alerting that someone is at the door.

Page over your distributed audio system’s speakers.

Multiple homes? Communicate between them with ELAN Intercom.


Up to 32 intercom stations and 16 simultaneous duplex streams at 1 Mbps per controller. Stations can be any combination of gTP4, gTP7, 3rd Party SIP door stations, ELAN g! desktop, and mobile clients.

Remote Touchpanel Linking – Link touchscreens between 2 (or more) controllers across the internet. Perfect for linking to a summer house or with extended family.

Seamless Mobile Integration – Communicate with local or remote mobile clients like any other local station. Includes notifications even when g! The mobile app is not running.

SIP Doorstation Integration – A wide variety of choices that allow the door station to best meet your aesthetic requirements.

OSD Intercom Station – Use your TV as an intercom station with an ELAN g1 controller and a USB camera with a mic.

Point-To-Point Calls – Two-way audio & video calls between compatible stations

Paging – Broadcast communication from one-to-many stations.

Monitoring – Permission-based monitoring of any active intercom station, including supported SIP door stations.

Page Groups – Create customer groups of stations to quickly send targeted pages.

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Video/Audio Stream Pairing – Tie an audio station stream with any ONVIF video stream to create a virtual intercom station. Perfect for optimally placing a camera separate from the audio doorstation/doorbell box.

Configurable Chimes – Select from the list of pre-loaded tones to customize the user experience.

Door Station Call customization – Create specific notification instructions in response to a door station button press. If nobody is home to answer the door, you can have the calls seamlessly routed to your mobile devices or even to a touchpanel in another location.

Custom Answer Modes – Configure answer mode per device, including, (1) Do Not Disturb, (2) Manual Answer, (3) Auto Answer Audio Only, and (4) Auto Answer Audio Video.

DND Override – With proper permissions, override a target touchpanel’s Do Not Disturb (DND) setting for emergency communications.

Audio Zone Integration – Target an Audio Zone for doorbell and paging announcements.

Page Events – Intercom Page events accessible for automation by your technician.


ELAN Intercom provides doorbell, paging and true point-to-point intercom functions that integrate seamlessly with ELAN g! interfaces and controlled multi-room media systems. Unlike hardware-based systems, ELAN Intercom supports the widest selection of stations on the market, including ELAN touch panels, Android & iOS mobile devices, SIP compatible door stations, and even PC and Mac computers allowing you to choose the type of station that best fits your lifestyle.


ELAN Intercom allows you to conversationally communicate between any two intercom stations, page from one station to many stations, and page from one station throughout the whole house using the music systems speakers. Because ELAN Intercom treats mobile devices like stations, even when you are away from home, you can stay inconvenient communication with your family no matter where you are. When your page from one location to many stations a family member may connect with you conveniently with a single button press to create a two way conversation. Uniquely, ELAN Intercom allows you to link other ELAN g! systems together so that the stations in your guest house or vacation home share the same intercom features as your primary home.


ELAN’s g!Mobile app for Android & iOS provides instant access to your home’s systems, including ELAN Intercom, conveniently on your tablets and smartphones. For ELAN Intercom the g!Mobile app will receive push notifications from ELAN Intercom when they are away from home. This allows you to decide whether you wish to answer without interrupting what you are doing. When a mobile user wants to unplug, simply enable the Do Not Disturb function. For mom & dad there is an override code for Do Not Disturb that will allow you to force page into the kids room when you need to. The g!Mobile app sends push notifica­tions when the app is not open, and triggers any of the ELAN custom tones when the app is open. When a mobile user wants to unplug, a Do Not Disturb (DND) function is available on every interface. In emer­gencies, a DND Admin Override code can be used to temporarily suspend DND mode.


ELAN’s 7-inch and 12-inch touch panel interfaces feature an integrated camera, mic, and speaker specifically for ELAN Intercom communications. With the ELAN 7” & 12” touch panels you can have full audio and video conversations any time you desire. The ELAN 4” touch panel has the same features.
with video monitoring along with two-way audio. It can be grouped along with a separate camera to provide video of a specific area, like a baby’s crib, while providing audio monitoring. 


ELAN Intercom is also compatible with your television. Utilizing the ELAN g1 controller and a small USB camera, ELAN Intercom brings full two-way audio and video intercom to any display with an HDMI input. Now you can view cameras around the house on the monitor and even play doorbell chimes through the TV speakers. When someone rings the door bell, the TV will wake up and display who is at the front door. You can then choose remotely whether to converse with them or not.


ELAN Intercom is compatible with a wide variety of IP-enabled door stations allowing you the most flexibility to choose the features and aesthetics that best fit your project. Many of your door station options include cameras. For those that don't, or for applications where an integrated camera will not capture the desired images, an external camera can be grouped with the station to fit the unique application. ELAN Intercom users can monitor audio and/or video from door stations from any g! interface or g! The mobile device at any time.
Because ELAN Intercom is fully integrated within the ELAN Control Platform, integrators can use triggers from devices like doorbell interfaces, door locks, ELAN sense modules, and more to create custom event maps that can send whole house pages, alert a mobile user, and more.


ELAN Intercom is the most capable and most flexible intercom system available. It embraces the mobile device revolution while maintaining the functionality of wall-mounted devices. When combined with a home automation system that includes music, lighting, climate and more it can provide an unparalleled experience and become the favorite feature of your home.


Flexible and convenient solutions that work for you.

Panasonic is making every effort to research and develop state-of-the-art technology, production process technology, and quality innovation. They will provide new products that will contribute to value improvement for customers by proposing solutions. Innovative products are created together with the customer.

Diverse Product Line-up

anasonic offers various Video Intercom System models to flexibly suit the size of your house and your lifestyle.

Dedicated to the Customer-Centric Policy

Everything we do is for our customers. We grasp customer needs, plan products, and then proceed to develop them. Safe, reliable products are manufactured under strict quality control.

Customer opinions are sought both before and after our products are launched, in an effort to offer the best possible products. We precisely grasp customer needs by asking for opinions, and then we create ideas in response.


The wireless design means that there is no troublesome wiring required when adding on to the system as well. You can add on up to 6 sub monitors and 4 DECT Wireless Sensor Cameras for large homes, and easily confirm visitors from a monitor in each room.

Touch Panel

The main monitor has a 5-inch wide screen that clearly shows each visitor’s face. If it is difficult to see, simply touch the screen to activate an approximate 2x zoom horizontally and vertically. This makes it easy for everyone to see, and provides an easy-to-use operating screen.



You can automatically record video images of visitors while you’re away from home. It will record up to 3,000 visitors (30 seconds per visitor). And you can save and play the images on a PC that has an SD card slot.

Other Features

Electric Lock Release Support : AC12 V-1 A / DC12 V-1 A

Wide-Angle Camera (Horizontally:170 ̊, Vertically:115 ̊)

Wireless Sensor Cameras Connectable

Night Vision (warm white colored LED lights)

Voice Changer

Intercom Call (between main monitor and sub monitor)


You can use your smartphone or tablet as a sub-monitor to respond to visitors and unlock electric locks no matter where you are in the home. You can also monitor door phone images when you want to check the door entrance.

E-mail Notification

The main monitor can send e-mail with a time stamp and image of visitors to e-mail addresses registered in advance, enabling you to check who has visited when you are outside the house (even when you are overseas).

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Network Connection

In addition to smartphones/tablets, the main monitor can also wirelessly connect to the wireless router for easy connections without a cable.

Other Features

Supports iOS and AndroidTM (free application)

iPhone 5 and later, iPad (iOS 7.0 or later)

Android smartphones and tablets (Android 4.0 or later)

Electric Lock Release Support: VL-RLY1 (12 V AC/DC, less than 1 A)

Picture Recording (Up to 50 visitors (up to 8 still images per visitor)

Wide-Angle Camera (Horizontally:170°, Vertically:130°)

Night Vision (white colored LED lights)

Voice Changer

Our passion for developing truly great products helps to bring shape to these ideas. Monitor testing is also conducted at the prototype stage. If assessments do not meet expectations, further improvements are made.


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