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This External Battery Pack may be used with the Minuteman EnterprisePlus LCD Series Models:

-  E2000RTXL2UNC

-  E3000RTXL2UNC



The BP72RTEXL Battery Pack is a 1836 VAH battery pack that extends runtime on the ED3000RTXL2UNC, E2000RTXL2UNC, E3000RTXL2UNC, E3000RTXLT2UNC, ED3000RMT2UNC units


Multiple battery packs can be chained. The battery pack does not contain an independent charger.


User replaceable battery?  Yes
No. of internal batteries:  18
Replacement battery description:  12 Volt 8.5 Amp Hour
Replacement battery part no.:  B00025

DIMENSIONS (in inches)

Length:  26.70
Width/Depth:  17.30
Height:  5.20
Weight:  127.90 lbs.

EnterprisePlus Battery Pack BP72RTEXL

SKU: 889533
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