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This External Battery Pack may be used with the Minuteman EnterprisePlus LCD Series Models:

-  E2000RTXL2U

-  E3000RTXL2U

-  E3000RTXLT2U



The BP72RTXL Battery Pack is a 72VDC8.5AH battery pack with internal charger that extends runtime on the ED3000RTXL2U, E2000RTXL2U, E3000RTXL2U, E3000RTXLT2U, ED3000RMT2U units


-  Internal AC charger recharges battery pack quickly after discharge

-  Multiple battery packs may be daisychained together for unlimited runtime

-  AC and circuit breaker LEDs display status of AC charger and battery pack DC breaker

-  Rotating LED panel to match orientation for horizontal/rack, tower or wallmount units

-  Stand for a tower configuration as well as fittings for a 19-inch rack

-  23-inch rack and wallmount kits (optional)

-  Three-year parts and labor warranty

User replaceable battery?  Yes
No. of internal batteries:  1
Replacement battery description:  Battery module
Replacement battery part no.:  BM0034
Length:  17.00
Width/Depth:  19.00
Height:  3.50
Weight:  56.00 lbs.

EnterprisePlus Battery Pack BP72RTXL

SKU: 987864
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