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The EnterprisePlus LCD Series offers complete protection for your business.



- Runtime:  Extended Runtime models (RTXL2U) feature the ability to add external battery packs for greatly increased runtimes

- Output Power Factor:  All EnterprisePlus LCD models feature a 0.8 or greater power factor, which increases the watt capacity of the units. Offering larger capacities in smaller UPS VA sizes reduces the overall cost of the UPS solution for a specific load requirement.

- Output Voltage:  All units in the EnterprisePlus LCD Series produce an electrical signal that does not vary from nominal voltage by more than 5%. Tightly regulating the output voltage increases the quality of power to connected equipment adding to its life expectancy, which lowers the total cost of ownership to users.

- Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)THD is the distortion of a normal AC electrical signal commonly caused when UPS connected loads near the capacity of the units. This distortion can cause internal heat to build up on sensitive equipment not designed to allow for these altered AC signals. The EnterprisePlus LCD UPS maintains an output AC signal, at all times and with linear loads, within 2% of a true sine wave.

- Output Receptacle Control:  Three banks of receptacles (one always-on for critical devices, two controllable via SentryHD™ and an SNMP card) allow users to increase runtime for more critical devices during an extended blackout.

- Through the use of Minuteman’s SentryHD software or communication with the UPS through an Ethernet connection:  Users can either turn on, off, or reset each segment independently. By reducing the connected load draw on the UPS, the runtime of critical devices can be extended significantly.

- The EnterprisePlus LCD UPS provides users with the ability to communicate with the UPS simultaneously through three separate protocols: RS-232, USB and Ethernet. Users can directly connect and manage the UPS from multiple stand-alone, or networked computers. The UPS can provide detailed monitoring and management to many various environments.

- RoHS 2 Compliancy:  Para Systems developed the EnterprisePlus LCD Series to be compliant with the updated RoHS2 Directive as defined by the European Economic Union directive on the reduction of hazardous substances in electronic equipment: 2011/65/EU.

- Energy Star Certified:  As a participant in the EPA’s Energy Star program, Para Systems developed the EnterprisePlus LCD Series1 to meet the highest efficiency standards possible in order to maximize the saving of user’s energy consumption.

- Manual and Automatic Self-Testing:  The EnterprisePlus LCD UPS is designed to proactively notify users of any impending faults or failures with the UPS. This allows for preemptive repair or replacement of components or batteries preventing unexpected downtime caused by the UPS.

- Dedicated EPO Port:  This direct access port allows users to perform an immediate remote shutdown of the UPS in cases of emergency or when access to the UPS is restricted or inconvenient.



Platinum Protection:  Three-years parts, labor, and battery (non-prorated); 5-year extended plans available; up to $100,000.



-  Maximum Power Capacity (VA/Watts):  750/600

-  Topology Line-Interactive, True Sine Wave Uninterruptible Power Supply

-  Power Factor:  0.8

-  Battery and Surge Protected Receptacles:  8-5-15R

-  Input Connection (with 10 ft power cord): 5-15P

-  Mounting/Installation: Rackmount/Tower and Wallmount



-  Number of Phases: Single (1Ø 2W +G)

-  Nominal Voltage•Voltage Range 120VAC (208VAC) • 80-164VAC (150-271VAC)

-  Frequency Range:  50/60Hz +/-6Hz Autosensing

-  Acceptable Input Voltage:  0-165VAC (0-300VAC)

-  Low Voltage Transfer Point 80V (150V) resets to utility power at 85V (157V) or higher

-  High Voltage Transfer Point 164V (271V) resets to utility power at 159V (264V) or lower

-  Input Protection Resettable circuit breaker



-  Voltage Range • Voltage Regulation 120VAC: 101-136VAC • -15.8% to 11.7% (208VAC: 186-236VAC) / -10.6% to +13.5%

-  Frequency Range • Efficiency (Line Mode) 60Hz/50Hz ±6Hz • >93% at full load | 60Hz/50Hz ±6Hz • >97% at full load



-  Nominal Voltage 120/125VAC (208/240VAC)

-  Voltage Regulation 120VAC (208VAC) ±5% until low battery warning

-  Frequency:  ±0.1Hz unless synchronized to line

-  Voltage THD:  <5% at full rated linear load / <12% at full rated non-linear load

-  Dynamic Response • Transfer Time:  ±10% @ 100% Load change in 30 ms

-  Waveform True:  Sine wave

-  Overload capacity:  110% for 20 seconds, 125% for 10 seconds, 150% shutdown immediately

-  Protection:  Over current, Short circuit protection and Latching shutdown



-  Battery Type:  Sealed, non-spillable, maintenance free, valve regulated lead acid

-  Typical Recharge Time:  8 hours from total discharge to 90%

-  Typical Battery Life:  3-5 years, depending on discharge cycles and ambient temperature

-  System Voltage:  36VDC

-  Battery Module:  BM0029

-  Runtime:  Half • Full Load (minutes):   17 • 8



-  Surge Energy Rating (Joules):  1000J (800J)

-  Surge Current Capability:  6500Amps total

-  Surge Response time:  0ns(instananeous) normal mode: <5 ns common mode

-  Noise Filter:  normal and common mode EMI/RFI suppression

-  Audible Noise at 1 m (3 ft.) <45dBA



-  Temperature:  Operating • Storage +32° to +104°F (0° to 40°C) • +5° to +113°F (-15° to +45°C)

-  Humidity: Operating/Storage:  95% non-condensing

-  Elevation:  Operating • Storage:  0 to 10,000ft. (0 to 3,000m) • 0 to 50,000ft. (0 to 15,000 m)



-  Size:  Net (L x W x H) in (mm):  17.4 x 19.0 x 3.5 in (442.0 x 482.6 x 89.0 mm)

-  Size:  Shipping (L x W x H) in (mm):  23.6 x 21.7 x 9.1 in (600.0 x 551.0 x 230.0 mm)

-  Weight:  Net Shipping 41.2 lb (18.7 kg) 49.8 lb (22.6 kg)

EnterprisePlus E750RTXL2U

SKU: 987114

    -  Battery Pack:  BP36RTXL BP36RTEXL 

    -  Typical Recharge Time:  8 hours from total discharge to 90%

    -  Size:  Net (L x W x H):  17.0 x 19.0 x 3.5 in (432.0 x 482.6 x 89.0 mm)

    -  Size:  Shipping (L x W x H):  23.6 x 21.7 x 9.1 in (600.0 x 551.0 x 230.0 mm)

    -  Weight: Net • Shipping lb (kg):  56.0 lb (25.4 kg)



    -  Safety and Approvals RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU, cUL, CE, FCC Class B

    -  Energy Star Certification 1500, 2000, 3000VA Models Only


    BATTERY PACKS FOR ENTERPRISE PLUS LCD™ (Extended Runtime) Series 3-year Warranty included

    -  BP36RTXL Ext battery pack, w/charger, for E750RTXL2U - E1500RTXL2U (E1500RTXLT2U)

    -  BP36RTEXL Long-runtime battery pack for E750RTXL2U - E1500RTXL2U (E1500RTXLT2U)

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