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The Optex Wireless Door/Window Transmitter is a battery-powered door/window contact for the Optex Wireless wireless annunciator system. When used as a door or window contact the door/window transmitter sends a signal to the  receiver chime box when activated.


This gives you a notification when the door is opened and is perfect for high traffic areas around entrances where an above door sensor is not practical. You can also install this transmitter in the backbox of any of Optexs battery operated detectors extending the detection range and wireless notification to your chime box.

Instantly monitor larger areas with minimal false alarms for a greater sense of protection.


- Can be installed on doorwindow.

- Low Battery Signal.

- Powered by CR123 3V lithium battery.

 - Indoor/Outdoor placement (Not in direct rain)

Optex Wireless Door/Window Transmitter

SKU: 994515
$77.75 Regular Price
$49.95Sale Price
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