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The Wireless Drive up Kit from OPTEX is a wireless annunciator system that not only alerts businesses to customers entering their store, but also can provide driveway/entry annunciation andperimeter awareness to residential customers. Whether for home or business, indoor or out, this wireless system is the ideal choice for entry alerts and visitor awareness with wireless remote control.


The Wireless Drive up kit includes an outdoor-rated PIR detector and an RF receiver that chimes when the sensor detects motion. The Wireless system can be used to alert shop owners when customers enter their store, provide driveway annunciation, and offer perimeter awareness. Furthermore, the receiver can support up to 9 detectors, enabling you to set up a full perimeter around your property.


The  Indoor/Outdoor Sensor Transmitter from Optex offers two selectable detection patterns, a 17' fan pattern or a 50' beam pattern. The sensor uses PIR to detect motion, and once motion is detected it sends a signal back to the Chime Box Receiver using RF signals.


The device is powered by a standard 9V battery (available separately) which can last for approximately 2 years when the sensor is triggered about 250 times a day. There is a red LED that indicates when the sensor has detected motion and when the battery is low. Up to nine detectors can be added to one Receiver, enabling you to set up a full perimeter around your property.



When used with the 50' long-range detection pattern, the transmitter is suitable for applications such as driveways, entryways/walkways, warehouse delivery areas, constructions sites, art galleries, drive-up windows, delivery doors, and similar scenarios. When used with the 17' fan (wide) angle detection pattern, the transmitter can be used to monitor hard to see items, merchandise that is prone to shoplifting, inside display cases at jewelry stores, department store dressing rooms or fitting rooms, the unauthorized use of emergency exits, supply rooms or closets, and home or business entry points. With an IP54-rated housing, the sensor is suitable for use in outdoor areas for a wide range of applications.


- Choose 50' long-range or 17' fan (wide) detection pattern

- Weatherproof housing (IP54-rated) for both indoor and outdoor use

- Uses passive infrared to detect motion and sends RF signals to receivers

- 2000' transmission range (line of sight)

- Can be installed on walls, ceilings, and desktops

- Over 8 million codes possible, eliminating interference from neighbors

- LED indicator for verifying detection and low battery status

- Operates on a 9V lithium or alkaline battery


Additional add-on accessories:

Wireless Door/Window Contact

Push Button Transmitter


Optex Wireless Drive Up Annunciator Kit

SKU: 990213
$299.98 Regular Price
$179.00Sale Price
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