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The Optex Wireless Intercom System from Optex allows you to see who's at the door, communicate with the person or identify them, from the convenience of inside your home or office. Moreover, it supports optional door-release capability that lets you open the door without getting up. The system includes a Door Unit and Handheld Unit that form a one-way video / two-way audio communication system. Up to four Handheld Units and up to two Door Units can be incorporated into one system, suitable for both residential and commercial locations.


The Door Unit, which neatly installs at your entrance door, features a doorbell, camera, microphone, and speaker for your visitors to ring and communicate with you. IR LEDs around the camera lens allow the camera to clearly see visitors at nighttime, as long as there's at least a little light outside. The Handheld Unit is a monitoring device, featuring a 2.4" display that shows you who's at the door. It also has a microphone and speaker so you can speak with your visitor. When you're not available to answer, the Door Unit takes up to three photos of your visitor and transmits them to the Handheld Unit where they're saved to built-in memory. These photos can later be offloaded to your computer via a USB output on the Handheld Unit.

The system supports a 330 ft line-of-sight transmission range between the units.


The Door Unit is battery-operated by three AA batteries and can also be wired to work off of AC/DC power, and it's splash proof against rain and similar outdoor conditions. It mounts near your door using its own back plate and screws. The Handheld Unit runs on an included rechargeable battery and comes with a wall-mountable charging cradle where it can be kept at all times, like a cordless phone in its base.


Remote door-release capability can be integrated by installing the optional Gateway Unit or Wireless Unit and wiring your doors.


Key Features

- One-way video / two-way audio communication system for the home or office

- Includes doorbell and camera unit, and handheld monitoring unit, both with a mic/speaker

- Let you see who's at the door and communicate with them from anywhere inside the premises

- Night-vision capability

- Takes photos of your visitors when you're unavailable to answer

- Supports optional iVision+ Gateway or Wireless kit for remote door-release capability

Optex Wireless Intercom System

SKU: 987715
$545.98 Regular Price
$349.00Sale Price
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