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Is sheltering at home overloading your WiFi?

Too many devices? Not enough bandwidth?

Due to the current situation, we're ordering take-out, groceries, and supplies online, while conducting business and holding virtual meetings. Our kids are participating in school lessons in virtual classrooms, the TV is streaming news in the background and don't forget the teenager in the back room gaming online with friends.

This added draw on your internet resources can leave you unable to access the data and information you need while working or learning.


- Outdated network, switches, cables or router

- Compromised wiring due to rodent damage

- Trouble where your network ends and the internet begins

- Outdated computers and software

- Viruses or Malware on devices - Hacking attempt

If you're experiencing a slow network now is the time to troubleshoot the issue. Prolonging diagnostic testing can result in hardware failing, a virus or malware infection, or a hacker gaining access to private information.

Life's hard right now, having a reliable home network with fast, reliable speeds will help make sheltering in a bit easier.

Contact one of our Network specialists to diagnose and get that data blazing.

Call 503-883-4139 or send an email

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