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Why Smart Light Bulbs Turn Dumb

You've picked up some cool smart light bulbs online or from your local hardware store and they work great except for two major problems:

1. The smart bulbs must have continual power flowing to them to perform their smart functions, like powering on, off, and dimming.

2. The bulbs must be connected to a wifi connection in order to operate correctly.

Herein lies the first problem, our basic instinct as a user is to control light switches from a wall switch when entering or leaving a room. If the user flips that light switch off, the bulb ceases to be smart. Timing schedules don't work, voice commands fall on deaf ears, and smart bulbs that double as a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speaker go silent.

While you may train yourself to leave the switch on, members of your household may forget, switching your smart bulbs on and off as they would any regular light. This renders your smart bulb useless, and of course, you won't know the smart bulb is off until you try to do something smart with it.

So, what can you do to ensure your switch remains in the on position? You can leave a sign above the switch, or put tape over the switch instructing users to not touch it, but that detracts from the esthetics of your home, the convenience of smart lighting and there's also no guarantee someone will heed your instructions.

Here's how to fix your smart bulb dilemmas. Lutron, one of the leading smart home manufacturers has pretty much solved this "is it on or off" problem with its control system. Yes, you have to replace the in-wall switches with their new smart switches, but the wall switches, handheld remote, and smartphone app work seamlessly to control smart lighting requests without worrying about light switches being turned off.

The second problem is the bulbs are dependent on a working internet connection. If the internet goes down, or problems arise with a router the lights will cease to work.

While we all experience fluctuations in service from our internet providers, making sure your data package is adequate to accommodate all your streaming devices, users, and connected devices will help minimize data throttling and devices dropping the connection. Check out our fast internet service here.

With the Lutron system, you won't have to worry if your internet goes down, all your smart devices will continue to function with or without wifi. Lutron controllers contain their own built-in network that isn't dependent on cloud services, keeping your devices working correctly in the event of an outage or a data fluctuation problem.

Another great feature is the ability to create "scenes" which automatically deploy at designated times, for example, lights turn on automatically once it turns to dusk, outdoor lights, patio lights, and interior lights, etc. Set relaxing scenes where lights dim to provide the ambiance you want. The possibilities are endless. You specify what lights you'd like to use at the times you need them most.

Another benefit of the Lutron controller is the ability to add smart blinds that save energy and help protect your furnishings from UV damage.

Adding additional smart devices like thermostats, irrigation control, door locks, and security all add to the smart home experience. Lutron is flexible, scalable, and reliable for all your smart home needs.

We'd love to show you how awesome home automation is. Contact us today!

Check out the Lutron difference and true smart lighting control here.

Interested in smart shades? Visit here.

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