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What home buyers have learned from "Sheltering-In-Place"

During this pandemic, home buyers have learned great Wi-Fi and smart home devices make life more tolerable, productive, and enjoyable while staying at home during mandated social distancing. Once the quarantine ends, home buyers will be looking to purchase homes with smart devices and upgraded internet abilities. Upgrade your homes with: - Smart Home Packages starting at $1,995 with NO REOCCURRING MONTHLY FEES! - Enhanced Internet Wiring and Networking


A robust Wi-Fi connection is crucial for video conferencing and streaming content over multiple devices and users. Wiring now gives your homeowner the ability to "plug-in" for data-heavy devices such as 4k video streaming, eliminating the dreaded wireless lagging. Wiring extra lines and outlets during construction will eliminate frustration and additional cost for the homeowner in the future.


A & E Security and Electronic Solutions provides low-voltage integration in Oregon and Washington since 1968. We specialize in bringing all the smart devices and networking together to provide a seamless experience for the end-user without high monthly fees to operate their devices.

Check out our partnership video by clicking below:

Find out more about partnering with us! Call: 503.883.4139

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