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Security Astragals..its not what you think!

Security Astragals?

When I first heard this term I this some sort of a metaphysical term or a star constellation. Well, I was way off! A Security Astragal are super latch protectors for doors that prevent someone from prying a door open.

So how do Security Astragals work?

Astragals are applied at the gap along the full door height, either between two double doors, or between the door and the adjacent jamb to prevent prying, tampering and manipulation of the door.

What type of doors need Security Astragals?

These astragals are excellent for vulnerable doors, such as business backdoors, high security storage rooms, classrooms and auditoriums. Security Astragals are excellent protection for any door that opens into an exterior area.

Here at A&E we do some exciting and new projects and we are always learning something new! Visit our lockshop, email us, or call 503.883.4136 to see if a Security Astragal is the protection you need for your door.

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